DOI: 10.1055/s-00000084


Issue Alain Krief · Volume · 2022 DOI: 10.1055/s-012-53814

Special Issue Alain Krief

Guillaume, Berionni; Aurélien, Chardon: Special Issue dedicated to Prof. Alain Krief
Chen, Yang; Hu, Xin-Ting; Xie, Xiao-Yan; Li, Dashan; Zheng, Chun-Xia; Zhang, You-Xi; Wang, Wen-Jing; Zhan, Rui; Shao, Li-Dong: A Practical Approach to 6H-Indol-6-ones Enables the Formal Synthesis of γ-Lycorane
Osi, Arnaud; Tumanov, Nikolay; Wouters, Johan; Chardon, Aurélien; Berionni, Guillaume: A Selenenium-Bridged 10-Boratriptycene Lewis Acid
Everaert, Jonas; Debruyne, Maarten; Vanden Bussche, Flore; Van Hecke, Kristof; Heugebaert, Thomas S. A.; Van Der Voort, Pascal; Van Speybroeck, Veronique; Stevens, Christian V.: Synthesis of Nitrile-Functionalized Polydentate N-Heterocycles as Building Blocks for Covalent Triazine Frameworks
To, Hoang-Minh; Malets, Oleksii; Mazur, Maryna; Mykhailenko, Olha; Kompaniiets, Olena; Ollevier, Thierry: Halodiazirines as Valuable Reagents for the Synthesis of Halocyclo­propanes
Zhao, Ziyang; Lv, Qingwei; Geng, Jialin; Liu, Yang; Hu, Chao; Du, Yuguo; Liu, Jun: Stereoselective Total Synthesis of (+)-Brevipolide H from d-Galactal