DOI: 10.1055/s-00046128

Journal of the American Academy of Audiology

Issue 05 · Volume 32 · May 2021 DOI: 10.1055/s-011-51627

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Jacobson, Gary P.; Editor-in-Chief: mVEMP: The New Kid on the Block

Research Article

Zhang, Yue; Soper, Jamie; Lohse, Christine M.; Eggers, Scott D.Z.; Kaufman, Kenton R.; McCaslin, Devin L.: Agreement between the Skull Vibration-Induced Nystagmus Test and Semicircular Canal and Otolith Asymmetry
Brkic, Faris F.; Riss, Dominik; Arnoldner, Christoph; Liepins, Rudolfs; Gstöttner, Wolfgang; Baumgartner, Wolf-Dieter; Vyskocil, Erich: Safety and Efficacy of Implantation of the Bonebridge Active Transcutaneous Bone-Conduction Device Using Implant Lifts
Mahdavi, Mohammad Ebrahim; Rezaeian, Maryam; Zarrinkoob, Homa; Rezaeian, Mohsen; Akbarzadeh, Alireza: Effect of a Dichotic Interaural Time Difference Program on Dichotic Listening Deficit of Children with Learning Difficulty
Wolmarans, Jenique; De Sousa, Karina C.; Frisby, Caitlin; Mahomed-Asmail, Faheema; Smits, Cas; Moore, David R.; Swanepoel, De Wet: Speech Recognition in Noise Using Binaural Diotic and Antiphasic Digits-in-Noise in Children: Maturation and Self-Test Validity
Sun, Yini; Coltisor, Allison; Jacobson, Gary P.; Roberts, Richard A.: Case Study: Depersonalization and Vestibular Impairment