DOI: 10.1055/s-00046128

Journal of the American Academy of Audiology

Accepted Manuscripts

Publication Date: 09 February 2024

Publication Date: 07 February 2024

Research Article

Cengiz, Deniz Uğur; Karababa, Ercan; Çolak, Sanem Can; Kurtcu, Büşra; Demirel Birişik, Sümeyye; Erbek, Seyra: An Evaluation of the Relationship Between Professional Self-Esteem and Job Satisfaction Levels of Audiologists According to Their Workplace Types

Publication Date: 30 January 2024

Research Article

Publication Date: 29 January 2024

Publication Date: 19 January 2024

Research Article

Publication Date: 11 December 2023

Research Article

Publication Date: 08 December 2023

Publication Date: 21 November 2023

Research Article

Deniz Sakarya, Merve; Çinar Satekin, Merve; Büyükatalay Yaldız, Zahide Çiler; Tokgoz-Yilmaz, Suna: Does Chronic Subjective Tinnitus Affect Cognitive Performance in Normal Hearing Adults?

Research Article

Easterday, Mary; Plyler, Patrick N; Doettl, Steven M; Johnstone, Patti; McCaslin, Devin: Effect of Sound Source Location and Spatial Hearing on the Vestibulo-Ocular Reflex

Publication Date: 16 October 2023

Publication Date: 25 September 2023

Research Article

Clancy, Carrie Ann Moritz; Davidson, Alyssa; Borgstrom, Mark; Robinson, Kiana; Musiek, Frank: Effects of Adding Monaural and Binaural Noise to a Dichotic Listening Task

Research Article

Publication Date: 01 September 2023

Case Report

Phillips, Jacline G.; Fabian, Samantha; Adkins, Erin W.; Kiell, Eleanor P.: Full Recovery of Sensorineural Hearing Loss in a Patient with Congenital Hypothyroidism

Publication Date: 18 August 2023

Publication Date: 24 July 2023

Research Article

Pierre, Antonio Sam; Cedras, Assan Mary; Bacon, Benoit Antoine; Champoux, François; Maheu, Maxime: Vibration thresholds using conventional audiometry are clinically useful indicators of postural instability in older adults

Publication Date: 10 July 2023

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