DOI: 10.1055/s-00033285

Journal of Academic Ophthalmology

Issue 01 · Volume 12 · January 2020 DOI: 10.1055/s-010-46454

Research Article

Shaner, Mason A.; Kaplan, Ariane; Sesi, Christopher; Manjunathan, Abhishek; Lacy, Gabrielle D.; Prisk, Lauren; Crear, Jara; Sugar, Alan; Elam, Angela; Mian, Shahzad I.: Michigan Ophthalmology Pipeline: Exploring a Mentorship Model to Increase Diversity in Ophthalmology
Birnbaum, Faith A.; Chandramouli, Shivram; Thomas, Mridul K.; Rosdahl, Jullia A.: The Role of Gender in Ophthalmology Resident Evaluations
Zafar, Sidra; Chen, Ariel; Seo, Seung Yeon; Chen, Xinyi; Tian, Jing; Srikumaran, Divya; Sikder, Shameema; Woreta, Fasika A.: Learning Curve of a Surgical Educator: Resident Cataract Surgery Outcomes under the Supervision of One Attending Surgeon over 5 Years
Hennein, Lauren; de Alba Campomanes, Alejandra G.; Ramanathan, Saras: Methods to Develop a Sustainable Free Eye Clinic at a Homeless Shelter
Scruggs, Brittni A.; Hock, Lauren E.; Cabrera, Michelle T.; Wang, Kai; Oetting, Thomas A.; Abràmoff, Michael D.; Shriver, Erin M.: A U.S. Survey of Sexual Harassment in Ophthalmology Training Using a Novel Standardized Scale
Dryden, Stephen C.; Jensen, Jason D.; Fleming, James C.; Fowler, Brian T.: Ocular Trauma: Trends and Considerations for Resident Education
Shafer, Brian Michael; Gorry, Thomasine; Tapino, Paul; Airan-Javia, Subha: Carelign: A Novel Handoff System for Medical and Surgical Consultants
Nanda, Tavish; Wang, Aijin; Ducasse, Luis M.; Chen, Royce W.S.; Horowitz, Jason: No-Show Rates and Associated Patient Factors in an Ophthalmology Resident Practice


Chen, Royce W.; Brooks, Steven E.; Kresch, Yocheved S.; Sherman, Suzanne; De Moraes, C. Gustavo; McDaniel, Dajzsa D.; Glass, Lora R. Dagi; Liebmann, Jeffrey M.; Cioffi, George A.: Rapid Deployment of Teleophthalmology in the COVID-19 Pandemic