DOI: 10.1055/s-00033285

Journal of Academic Ophthalmology

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Pathipati, Akhilesh S.; Tsai, James C.: Eye Care Industry Analysis
Linderman, Wendy F.; Apostolopoulos, Nicholas; Gopal, Anand D.; Encandela, John A.; Teng, Christopher C.; Nwanyanwu, Kristen H.; Forster, Susan H.: Near-Peer Teaching Outreach Programs to Increase Minority Physician Recruitment
Siatkowski, R. Michael; Mian, Shahzad I.; Cullican, Susan M.; Green, Laura K.; Sun, Grace; Waxman, Evan L.; Wayman, Laura L.; Stoner, Julie; Chen, Xi; Feldon, Steven; for the Association of University Professors of Ophthalmology: Probability of Success in the Ophthalmology Residency Match: Three-Year Outcomes Analysis of San Francisco Matching Program Data
Solotke, Michael; Forster, Susan; Chow, Jessica; Duran, Jenesis; Karim, Hasna; Marks, Victoria; Roy, Shireen; Torres, Ashlynn; Adelman, Ron: Association between Industry Payments and Scholarly Impact among Academic Ophthalmologists
Cobbs, Lucy; Tsui, Edmund; Haberman, Ilyse D.; Kim, Eleanore; Sperber, Laurence; Wu, Mengfei; Schuman, Joel S.: Student Perceptions of the Ophthalmology Curriculum in Medical School
Bargoud, Albert R.; Thangamathesvaran, Loka; Patel, Varesh R.; Henseler, Robert; Kass, William; Khouri, Albert S.: Quantifying the Impact of Research on Matching into Ophthalmology Residency
Fuerst, Nicole M.; Watson, Jessica S.; Langelier, Nicole A.; Atkinson, R. Egen; Ying, Gui-Shuang; Pan, Wei; Palladino, Vincent; Russell, Collin; Lin, Vanessa; Tapino, Paul J.; O'Brien, Joan M.: Breaking Bad: An Assessment of Ophthalmologists' Interpersonal Skills and Training on Delivering Bad News
McCoskey, Makayla; Shafer, Brian; Nti, Akosua; Ying, Gui-Shuang; Tapino, Paul; Pan, Wei; Addis, Victoria: First-Year Ophthalmology Residency Call Structure and Its Association with Resident Anxiety and Confidence
Padidam, Sneha; Wisner, Douglas; Kenney, Brianna; Peterson, Jared; Pizzi, Laura; Leiby, Benjamin E.; Hark, Lisa; Bailey, Robert; the Wills Cataract Research Group: Cataract Surgery Cancellations: An Analysis of Financial and Resident Training Implications at a Major Eye Institution