DOI: 10.1055/s-00035024

Thrombosis and Haemostasis

Issue 06 · Volume 54 · 1985 DOI: 10.1055/s-009-45125

Original Article

Galdal, K S; Lyberg, T; Evensen, S A; Nilsen, E; Prydz, H: Thrombin Induces Thromboplastin Synthesis in Cultured Vascular Endothelial Cells
De Sio, L; Mariani, G; Muzzucconi, M G; Chistolini, A; Tirindelli, M C; Mandelli, F: Comparison Between Subcutaneous and Intravenous DDAVP in Mild and Moderate Hemophilia A
Patrassi, G M; Picchinenna, R; Vettor, R; Cappellato, G; Coccarielli, D; Girolami, A: Antithrombin III Activity and Concentration in Diabetes Mellitus
Dembélé-Duchesne, M J; Lahlou, A Laghchim; Thaler-Dao, H; de Paulet, A Crastes: Inhibition of Platelet Aggregation by Human Placenta
Simpson, Iain A; Lorimer, A Ross; Walker, Isobel D; Davidson, John F: Effect of Ciprofibrate on Platelet Aggregation and Fibrinolysis in Patients with Hypercholesterolaemia
Lande, K; Gjesdal, K; Fønstelien, E; Kjeldsen, S E; Eide, I: Effects of Adrenaline Infusion on Platelet Number, Volume and Release Reaction
Henny, Ch P; ten Cate, H; Surachno, S; Stevens, P; Büller, H R; den Hartog, M; ten Cate, J W: The Effectiveness of a Low Molecular Weight Heparinoid in Chronic Intermittent Haemodialysis
Aillaud, M F; Juhan-Vague, I; Alessi, M C; Marecal, M; Vinson, M F; Arnaud, C; Vague, P; Collen, D: Increased PA-Inhibitor Levels in the Postoperative Period – No Cause-Effect Relation with Increased Cortisol
Bull, H A; Pittilo, R M; Blow, D J; Blow, C M; Rowles, P M; Woolf, N; Machin, S J: The Effects of Nicotine on PGI2 Production by Rat Aortic Endothelium
Belch, J J F; Shaw, B; O’Dowd, A; Saniabadi, A; Leiberman, P; Sturrock, R D; Forbes, C D: Evening Primrose Oil (Efamol) in the Treatment of Raynaud’s Phenomenon: A Double Blind Study
Peters, A M; Lane, I F; Sinclair, M; Irwin, J T C; McCollum, C N: The Effects of Thromboxane Antagonism on the Transit Time of Platelets Through the Spleen
Laug, Walter E; Weinblatt, Mark E; Jones, Peter A: Endothelial Cells Degrade Extracellular Matrix Proteins Produced In Vitro
Bröcker-Vriends, A H. J. T; Briët, E; Quadt, R; Bertina, R M; van der Linden, I K; van de Kamp, J J P; Pearson, P L; Veltkampt, J J: Carrier Detection of Haemophilia B by Using an Intragenic Restriction-Fragment Length Polymorphism
Hornsey, V; Micklem, L R; McCann, M C; James, K; Dawes, J; McClelland, D B L; Prowse, C V: Enhancement of Factor VIII-von Willebrand Factor Ristocetin Cofactor Activity by Monoclonal Antibodies
Loeliger, E A; Poller, L; Samama, M; Thomson, J M; Van den Besselaar, A M H P; Vermylen, J; Verstraete, M: Questions and Answers on Prothrombin Time Standardisation in Oral Anticoagulant Control
Patrassi, G M; Zanon, R Dal Bo; Boscaro, M; Martinelli, S; Girolami, A: Further Studies on the Hypercoagulable State of Patients with Cushing’s Syndrome
Kyrle, P A; Korninger, C; Gössinger, H; Glogar, D; Lechner, K; Niessner, H; Pabinger, I: Prevention of Arterial and Pulmonary Embolism by Oral Anticoagulants in Patients with Dilated Cardiomyopathy
De Caterina, R; Giannessi, D; Boem, A; Bernini, W; Battaglia, D; Michelassi, C; Dell’Amico, F; L’Abbate, A; Patrignani, P; Patrono, C: Equal Antiplatelet Effects of Aspirin 50 or 324 mg/Day in Patients After Acute Myocardial Infarction
Pengo, V; Boschello, M; Prandoni, P; Schiavon, R; Bellotto, F; Schivazappa, L; Dalla Volta, S: Enhanced “In Vitro“ Release of Platelet α-Granules After Acute Myocardial Infarction (AMI)

Letter to the Editor

Lande, K; Gjesdal, K; Os, I; Kjeldsen, S E; Eide, I; Westheim, A; Hjermann, I: Does Arterial Rather than Venous Plasma Beta-Thromboglobulin Better Reflect In Vivo Platelet Release Reaction?
Pini, Mario; Manotti, Cesare; Quintavalla, Roberto: Interaction Between Amiodarone and Acenocoumarin
Passariello, Nicola; Ceriello, Antonio; Giugliano, Dario: Increased β-Thromboglobulin Levels in Heroin Addicts
Cordova, C; Violi, F; Alessandri, C; Musca, A; Balsano, F: Low Doses of Calcium-Heparin in Liver Cirrhosis
Vericel, Evelyne; Lagarde, Michel; Dechavanne, Marc; Courpron, Philippe: Increased Lipid Peroxidation in Platelets from Elderly People
Morfini, Massimo; Vannucchi, Alessandro M; Grossi, Alberto; Cinotti, Sandro; Rafanelli, Daniela; Ferrini, Pierluigi Rossi: Direct Evidence that High Dose Intravenous Gammaglobulin Blocks Splenic and Hepatic Sequestration of 51Cr-Labeled Platelets in ITP
Petralito, Angelo; Malatino, Lorenzo Salvatore; Fiore, Carmelo Erio: Erythrocyte Aggregation in Different Stages of Arterial Hypertension
Mannucci, P M; Ammassari, M; Gringeri, A; Geroldi, D; Zanetti, A R: Anti-LAV and Concentrate Consumption in Italian Hemophiliacs
Gouault-Heilmann, M; Payen, D; Contant, G; Intrator, L; Huet, Y; Schaeffer, A: Thrombocytopenia Related to Synthetic Heparin Analogue Therapy