DOI: 10.1055/s-00035024

Thrombosis and Haemostasis

Issue 01 · Volume 51 · 1984 DOI: 10.1055/s-009-45122

Original Article

Chohan, I S; Singh, I; Rai, R M: Influence of Noise on Blood Coagulation
Murer, E H; James, H L; Budzynski, A Z; Malinconico, S M; Gasic, G J: Protease Inhibitors in Haementeria Leech Species
Holme, Stein; Brox, Jan H; Krane, Hedvig; Nordøy, Arne: The Effect of Albumin Bound Polyunsaturated Fatty Acids on Human Platelets
Schbath, J; Boissel, J P; Mathy, B; Ville, D; Benveniste, E; Sanchini, B; Leizorovicz, A; Belleville, J; Dechavanne, M; Maitre, P; Gillet, J; Bentamar, A: Drugs Effect on Platelet Survival Time: Comparison of Two Pyrimido-Pyrimidine Derivatives in Patients with Aortic or Mitral Replacement
Clarke, J M F; Pittilo, R M; Machin, S J; Woolf, N: A Study of the Possible Role of Mesothelium as a Surface for Flowing Blood
Benavent, A; Estellés, A; Aznar, J; Martinez-Sales, V; Gilabert, J; Fornas, E: Dysfunctional Plasminogen in Full Term Newborn - Study of Active Site of Plasmin
Francis, Charles W; Nachman, Ralph L; Marder, Victor J: Plasma and Platelet Fibrinogen Differ in γ Chain Content
Boogaerts, M A; Broeck, J Van de; Deckmyn, H; Roelant, C; Vermylen, J; Verwilghen, R L: Protective Effect of Vitamin E on Immune Triggered, Granulocyte Mediated Endothelial Injury
Vilella, R; Lozano, T; Mila, J; Borche, L; Ercilla, G; Ordinas, T; Vives, J: An Antiplatelet Monoclonal Antibody That Inhibits ADP and Epinephrine-Induced Aggregation
Prowse, C V; Farrugia, A; Boulton, F E; Tucker, J; Ludlam, C A; McLaren, M; Belch, J J F; Prentice, C R M; Dawes, J; MacGregor, I R: A Comparative Study Using Immunological and Biological Assays of the Haemostatic Responses to DDAVP Infusion Venous Occlusion and Exercise in Normal Men
Bertelé, Vittorio; Falanga, Anna; Tomasiak, Marian; Cerletti, Chiara; Gaetano, Giovanni de: SQ 22536, an Adenylate-Cyclase Inhibitor, Prevents the Antiplatelet Effect of Dazoxiben, a Thromboxane-Synthetase Inhibitor

Letter to the Editor

Buczko, Wlodzimierz; Invemizzi, Roberto; Gaetano, Giovanni de: High Pressure Liquid Chromatography Microassay for Platelet Serotonin
Horellou, M H; Conard, J; Lecrubier, C; Samama, M; Roque-D’Orbcastel, O; Fenoyl, O de; Di Maria, G; Bernadou, A: Persistent Heparin Induced Thrombocytopenia Despite Therapy with Low Molecular Weight Heparin
Pabinger-Fasching, Ingrid; Lechner, Klaus; Bettelheim, Peter; Niessner, Herwig; Köller, Ursula; Knapp, Walter: T-Cell Subsets in Female Sexual Partners of Asymptomatic Hemophiliacs