DOI: 10.1055/s-00000029

Journal of Reconstructive Microsurgery

Issue 06 · Volume 35 · July 2019 DOI: 10.1055/s-009-43304

Letter to the Editor

Original Article

Weitgasser, Laurenz; Amr, Amro; Hladik, Michaela; Wechselberger, Gottfried; Daigeler, Adrien; Schoeller, Thomas; Medved, Fabian: The Impact of Age on Perioperative Complications after Extremity Reconstruction with the Free Gracilis Flap: A Retrospective Cohort Study Involving 153 Patients
Orr, Jonah Parker; Shammas, Ronnie Labib; Thomas, Analise B.; Truong, Tracy; Cho, Eugenia H.; Kuchibhatla, Maragatha; Hollenbeck, Scott Thomas: Bleeding After Free Flap-Based Breast Reconstruction: A NSQIP Analysis
Chaudhry, Arif; Oliver, Jeremie D.; Vyas, Krishna S.; Tran, Nho V.; Martinez-Jorge, Jorys; Larson, David; Dozois, Eric; Nelson, Heidi; Manrique, Oscar J.: Comparison of Outcomes in Oncoplastic Pelvic Reconstruction with VRAM versus Omental Flaps: A Large Cohort Analysis
Inbal, Amir; Collier, Zachary Jonathan; Ho, Chien-Liang; Gottlieb, Lawrence Jay: Modified Kunlin's Technique for Microsurgical End-to-End Anastomoses: A Series of 100 Flaps
Hamscha, Ulrike Maria; Weninger, Wolfgang Josef; Freystätter, Christian; Tzou, Chieh-Han; Radtke, Christine: Anatomical Study of a Chimeric Fascio-Osteomyocutaneous Fibula Flap for Free Microvascular Tissue Transfer
Kamel, George N.; Nash, David; Jacobson, Joshua; Berk, Robin; Mehta, Karan; Benacquista, Teresa; Draper, Lawrence B.; Garfein, Evan S.; Weichman, Katie E.: Patient-Reported Satisfaction and Quality of Life in Postmastectomy Radiated Patients: A Comparison between Delayed and Delayed Immediate Autologous Breast Reconstruction in a Predominantly Minority Patient Population
Lin, Jennifer An-Jou; Hsu, Angela Ting-Wei; Huang, Jung-Ju; Daniel, Bassem W.; Lee, Che-Hsiung; Kwon, Soo-Ha; Tang, Evelyn Ting-Hsuan; Chu, Cheng-Feng; Chien, Cheng-An Tony; Chuang, David Chwei-Chin; Lu, Johnny Chuieng-Yi; Koshima, Isao; Wang, Zeng-Tao; Hao, Liwen; Chen, Chao; Chang, Tommy Nai-Jen: Impact of Social Media on Current Medical Conferences

Invited Review

Kanth, Aditi M.; Krevalin, Max; Adetayo, Oluwaseun A.; Patel, Ashit: Surgical Management of Pediatric Lymphedema: A Systematic Review