DOI: 10.1055/s-00000029

Journal of Reconstructive Microsurgery

Issue 03 · Volume 33 · March 2017 DOI: 10.1055/s-007-33533

Invited Review

Tu, Yiji; Lineaweaver, William Charles; Chen, Zenggan; Hu, Junda; Mullins, Fred; Zhang, Feng: Surgical Decompression in the Treatment of Diabetic Peripheral Neuropathy: A Systematic Review and Meta-analysis

Original Article

Sergio, Rui; de Barros, Monteiro; Brito, Marcus Vinicius Henriques; Leal, Rafael Aquino; Teixeira, Renan Kleber Costa; Sabbá, Marcelo Ferreia; Yamaki, Vitor Nagai; Lemos, Marcos Vinicius Vieira: A Low-Cost High-Definition Video System for Microsurgical Hindlimb Replantation in Rats
Ligh, Cassandra A.; Nelson, Jonas A.; Fischer, John P.; Kovach, Stephen J.; Levin, L. Scott: The Effectiveness of Free Vascularized Fibular Flaps in Osteonecrosis of the Femoral Head and Neck: A Systematic Review
Momeni, Arash; Tecce, Michael G.; Lanni, Michael A.; Aggarwal, Shagun; Pannucci, Christopher; Kovach, Stephen J.; Kanchwala, Suhail K.; Wu, Liza C.; Serletti, Joseph M.: Increased Lower Extremity Venous Stasis May Contribute to Deep Venous Thrombosis Formation after Microsurgical Breast Reconstruction—An Ultrasonographic Study
Dornseifer, Ulf; Kleeberger, Charlotte; Kargl, Lukas; Schönberger, Markus; Rohde, Daniel; Ninkovic, Milomir; Schilling, Arndt: Perfusion Controlled Mobilization after Lower Extremity Free Flaps—Pushing the Limits of Time and Intensity
Lam, Gretl; Weichman, Katie E.; Reavey, Patrick L.; Wilson, Stelios C.; Levine, Jamie P.; Saadeh, Pierre B.; Allen, Robert J.; Choi, Mihye; Karp, Nolan S.; Thanik, Vishal D.: Analysis of Flap Weight and Postoperative Complications Based on Flap Weight in Patients Undergoing Microsurgical Breast Reconstruction
Egro, Francesco M.; Blecher, Nathaniel A.; Gimbel, Michael L.; Nguyen, Vu T.: Microsurgery Fellowship Selection Criteria: A National Program Director Survey
Franco, Michael J.; Nicoson, Michael C.; Parikh, Rajiv P.; Tung, Thomas H.: Lower Extremity Reconstruction with Free Gracilis Flaps

Letter to the Editor

Visconti, Giuseppe; Albanese, Roberta; Salgarello, Marzia: Painless Indocyanine Green Lymphography