DOI: 10.1055/s-00000029

Journal of Reconstructive Microsurgery

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Bartlett, Erica L.; Zavlin, Dmitry; Menn, Zachery K.; Spiegel, Aldona J.: Algorithmic Approach for Intraoperative Salvage of Venous Congestion in DIEP Flaps
Sando, Ian C.; Plott, Jeffrey S.; McCracken, Brendan M.; Tiba, Mohamad H.; Ward, Kevin R.; Kozlow, Jeffrey H.; Cederna, Paul S.; Momoh, Adeyiza O.: Simplifying Arterial Coupling in Microsurgery—A Preclinical Assessment of an Everter Device to Aid with Arterial Anastomosis
Ooi, Adrian S.H.; Butz, Daniel R.; Fisher, Sean M.; Collier, Zachary J.; Gottlieb, Lawrence J.: Geometric Three-Dimensional End-to-Side Microvascular Anastomosis: A Simple and Reproducible Technique
Acar, Mehmet Ali; Güleç, Ali; Aydin, Bahattin Kerem; Erkoçak, Ömer Faruk; Yilmaz, Güney; Şenaran, Hakan: Reconstruction of Foot and Ankle Defects with a Free Anterolateral Thigh Flap in Pediatric Patients
Chae, Michael P.; Hunter-Smith, David J.; De-Silva, Inoka; Tham, Stephen; Spychal, Robert T.; Rozen, Warren Matthew: Four-Dimensional (4D) Printing: A New Evolution in Computed Tomography-Guided Stereolithographic Modeling. Principles and Application
Kaufman, Matthew R.; Elkwood, Andrew I.; Brown, David; Cece, John; Martins, Catarina; Bauer, Thomas; Weissler, Jason; Rezzadeh, Kameron; Jarrahy, Reza: Long-Term Follow-Up after Phrenic Nerve Reconstruction for Diaphragmatic Paralysis: A Review of 180 Patients
Masia, Jaume; Pons, Gemma; Nardulli, Maria Luisa: Combined Surgical Treatment in Breast Cancer-Related Lymphedema
Qiu, Cecil S.; Jordan, Sumanas W.; Dorfman, Robert G.; Vu, Michael M.; Alghoul, Mohammed S.; Kim, John Y.S.: Surgical Duration Impacts Venous Thromboembolism Risk in Microsurgical Breast Reconstruction