DOI: 10.1055/s-00000009

American Journal of Perinatology

Issue 14 · Volume 35 · December 2018 DOI: 10.1055/s-008-41890

SMFM Fellowship Series Article

Glover, Angelica V.; Berry, Diane C.; Schwartz, Todd A.; Stuebe, Alison M.: The Association of Metabolic Dysfunction with Breastfeeding Outcomes in Gestational Diabetes
Wood, S. Lindsay; Owen, John; Jenkins, Sheri M.; Harper, Lorie M.: The Utility of Repeat Midtrimester Anatomy Ultrasound for Anomaly Detection
Washburn, Erin E.; Sparks, Teresa N.; Gosnell, Kristen A.; Rand, Larry; Gonzalez, Juan M.; Feldstein, Vickie A.: Stage I Twin–Twin Transfusion Syndrome: Outcomes of Expectant Management and Prognostic Features

Review Article

Original Article

Akangire, Gangaram; Manimtim, Winston; Nyp, Michael F.; Noel-MacDonnell, Janelle; Kays, Allyssa N.; Truog, William E.; Taylor, Jane B.: Clinical Outcomes among Diagnostic Subgroups of Infants with Severe Bronchopulmonary Dysplasia through 2 Years of Age
Shah, Jaimin S.; Roman, Tania; Viteri, Oscar A.; Haidar, Ziad A.; Ontiveros, Alejandra; Sibai, Baha M.: The Relationship of Assisted Reproductive Technology on Perinatal Outcomes in Triplet Gestations
Gopal, Srirupa Hari; Edwards, Kathryn M.; Creech, Buddy; Weitkamp, Joern-Hendrik: Variability in Immunization Practices for Preterm Infants
Astoria, Mark T.; Thacker, Leroy; Hendricks-Muñoz, Karen D.: Oral Feeding Outcome after Analgesic and Sedative Exposure in VLBW Preterm Infant
Shields, Laurence E.; Wiesner, Suzanne; Klein, Catherine; Pelletreau, Barbara; Hedriana, Herman L.: A Standardized Approach for Category II Fetal Heart Rate with Significant Decelerations: Maternal and Neonatal Outcomes
Greenberg, Rachel G.; Smith, P. Brian; Bose, Carl; Clark, Reese H.; Cotten, C. Michael; DeRienzo, Chris: National Survey of Neonatal Intensive Care Unit Medication Safety Practices
Mason, Brittney E.; Matulich, Melissa C.; Swanson, Kate; Irwin, Erin A.; Rademaker, Alfred W.; Peaceman, Alan M.; Gossett, Dana R.: Labor Curves in Multiparous Women Related to Interbirth Intervals