DOI: 10.1055/s-00000017

Experimental and Clinical Endocrinology & Diabetes

Issue 05 · Volume 126 · May 2018 DOI: 10.1055/s-008-40365


Gómez-Peralta, Fernando; Abreu, Cristina; Mora-Navarro, Gustavo; López-Morandeira, Pilar; Pérez-Gutierrez, Esteban; Cordero-García, Blanca; Brito-Sanfiel, Miguel: Switching from Premixed Insulin To Basal Insulin Analogue For Type 2 Diabetes and Role of Dipeptidyl Peptidase-4 Inhibitors
Baechle, Christina; Hoyer, Annika; Castillo-Reinado, Katty; Stahl-Pehe, Anna; Kuss, Oliver; Holl, Reinhard W.; Kersting, Mathilde; Rosenbauer, Joachim; In cooperation with the German Pediatric Surveillance Unit (ESPED) and the DPV-Science initiative, supported by the German Center for Diabetes Research (DZD): Eating Frequency and Carbohydrate Intake in Adolescents with Type 1 Diabetes Differ from Those in Their Peers and are Associated with Glycemic Control
Wang, Ping; Li, Meng; Dong, Lei; Chen, Hui; Su, Wei; Wang, Yu-Peng: Relaxin Inhibits Cardiac Fibrosis in Diabetic Rats: Roles of Protein Kinase Cδ
Roser, Pia; Wehrhahn, Tatiana; Krogmann, Henry; Riedel, Nina; Marshall, Robert Percy; Gille, Justus; Flitsch, Jörg; Aberle, Jens: Somatotrope Pituitary Function in Professional Soccer Players
Dikker, Okan; Bekpinar, Seldag; Ozdemirler, Gul; Uysal, Mujdat; Vardar, Muberra; Atar, Sevgi; Usta, Murat; Huner, Berrin: Evaluation of the Relation Between Omentin-1 and Vitamin D in Postmenopausal Women With or Without Osteoporosis