DOI: 10.1055/s-00029029

Journal of Pediatric Intensive Care

Issue 01 · Volume 07 · March 2018 DOI: 10.1055/s-008-38498

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Original Article

Ping Kirk, Angela Hui; Sng, Qian Wen; Zhang, Lu Qin; Ming Wong, Judith Ju; Puthucheary, Janil; Lee, Jan Hau: Characteristics and Outcomes of Long-Stay Patients in the Pediatric Intensive Care Unit
Daniel, John M.; Bernard, Philip A.; Skinner, Sean C.; Bhandary, Prasad; Ruzic, Ana; Bacon, Matthew K.; Ballard, Hubert O.: Hollow Fiber Oxygenator Composition Has a Significant Impact on Failure Rates in Neonates on Extracorporeal Membrane Oxygenation: A Retrospective Analysis
Choong, Karen; Canci, Filomena; Clark, Heather; Hopkins, Ramona O.; Kudchadkar, Sapna R.; Lati, Jamil; Morrow, Brenda; Neu, Charmaine; Wieczorek, Beth; Zebuhr, Carleen: Practice Recommendations for Early Mobilization in Critically Ill Children
Sambeeck, Sam J. van; Fuijkschot, Joris; Kramer, Boris W.; Vos, Gijs D.: Pediatric Early Warning System Scores: Lessons to be Learned
Rallis, Dimitrios; Poulos, Panagiotis; Kazantzi, Maria; Kalampalikis, Panagiotis: Rescue Decompressive Craniectomy in Children with Severe Traumatic Brain Injury

Case Report

Yazici, Mutlu Uysal; Kesici, Selman; Demirbilek, Hüseyin; Tanyıldız, Murat; Gumustas, Mehmet; Bayrakci, Benan: Reversible Dilated Cardiomyopathy Due to Combination of Vitamin D–Deficient Rickets and Primary Hypomagnesemia in an 11-Month-Old Infant
Reeves, Shawn; Womack, Clayton; Lutherer, L. O.; Todd, Christopher; Pinkney, Kerrie; Kasemsri, Thivakorn: What Is High Enough? Elevated NT-pro-BNP in Decompensated Paroxysmal Supraventricular Tachycardia
Chadha, Tanya; Cooke, Susan; Shillingford, Michael S.; Ceithaml, Eric: Rare Etiology of Acute Embolic Stroke in a 17-Year-Old Girl: Cardiac Papillary Fibroelastoma

Letter to the Editor

Colleti, José; de Carvalho, Werther Brunow: Fluid Overload in the PICU: Still a Challenge

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