DOI: 10.1055/s-00035037

Methods of Information in Medicine

Current Issue 05 · Volume 45 · 2006 DOI: 10.1055/s-008-38369

Original Article

Olola, C. H. O.; on Behalf of the SMAC Network; Missinou, M. A.; Issifou, S.; Anane-Sarpong, E.; Abubakar, I.; Gandi, J. N.; Chagomerana, M.; Pinder, M.; Agbenyega, T.; Kremsner, P. G.; Newton, C. R. J. C.; Wypij, D.; Taylor, T. E.: Medical Informatics in Medical Research
Ehlers, F.; Ammenwerth, E.; Haux, R.: Process Potential Screening
Couris, C. M.; Gutknecht, C.; Ecochard, R.; Gelas-Dore, B.; Hajri, T.; Colin, C.; Schott, A.-M.: Estimates of the Number of Cancer Patients Hospitalized in a Geographic Area Using Claims Data without a Unique Personal Identifier
Linder, R.; König, I. R.; Weimar, C.; Diener, H. C.; Pöppl, S. J.; Ziegler, A.: Two Models for Outcome Prediction
Neveu, D.; Aubas, P.; Seguret, F.; Kramar, A.; Dujols, P.: Measuring Agreement for Ordered Ratings in 3 x 3 Tables
Radespiel-Tröger, M.; Gefeller, O.; Rabenstein, T.; Hothorn, T.: Association between Split Selection Instability and Predictive Error in Survival Trees
Jacobsen, M.; Repsilber, D.; Gutschmidt, A.; Neher, A.; Feldmann, K.; Mollenkopf, H. J.; Kaufmann, S. H. E.; Ziegler, A.: Deconfounding Microarray Analysis
Xia, L.; Huo, M.; Wei, Q.; Liu, F.; Crozier, S.: Electrodynamic Heart Model Construction and ECG Simulation