DOI: 10.1055/s-00035037

Methods of Information in Medicine

Issue 02 · Volume 48 · 2009 DOI: 10.1055/s-008-37493

News from the International Medical Informatics Association

Murray, Peter J.; Huesing, Steven A.: IMIA News


Hasman, A.; Andersen, S. K.; Klein, G. O.; Schulz, S.; Aarts, J.; Mazzoleni, M. C.: MIE 2008: eHealth beyond the Horizon – Get IT there

Original Articles

De Lazzari, C.; Neglia, D.; Ferrari, G.; Bernini, F.; Micalizzi, M.; L’Abbate, A; Trivella, M. G.: Computer Simulation of Coronary Flow Waveforms during Caval Occlusion
Ahmadian, L.; Cornet, R.; Kalkman, C.; de Keizer, N. F.: Development of a National Core Dataset for Preoperative Assessment
Schulz, S.; Boeker, M.; Stenzhorn, H.; Niggemann, J.: Granularity Issues in the Alignment of Upper Ontologies
Säring, D.; Relan, J.; Ehrhardt, J.; Müllerleile, K.; Bahrmeyer, A.; Groth, M.; Handels, H.: Reproducible Extraction of Local and Global Parameters for Functional Analysis of the Left Ventricle in 4D MR Image Data