DOI: 10.1055/s-00035024

Thrombosis and Haemostasis

Issue 06 · Volume 81 · 1999 DOI: 10.1055/s-007-35830

Letters to the Editor

Arinami, Tadao; Ohtsuki, Tsuyuka; Yamakawa-Kobayashi, Kimiko; Amemiya, Hiroshi; Fujiwara, Hideomi; Kawata, Ken-ichi; Ishiguro, Hiroki; Hamaguchi, Hideo: A Synergistic Effect of Serotonin Transporter Gene Polymorphism and Smoking in Association with CHD
Holm, Johan; Hillarp, Andreas; Zöller, Bengt; Erhardt, Leif; Berntorp, Erik; Dahlbäck, Björn: Factor V Q506 (Resistance to Activated Protein C) and Prognosis after Acute Coronary Syndrome
Croft, S. A.; Daly, M. E.; Steeds, R. P.; Channer, K. S.; Samani, N. J.; Hampton, K. K.: The Prothrombin 20210A Allele and Its Association with Myocardial Infarction
Bayés-Genís, Antoni; Guindo, Josep; Oliver, Artur; Badimon, Lina; Fiol, Miquel; Mateo, Jose; Carles Souto, Joan; Dominguez, Jose M.; Fontcuberta, Jordi; Bayés de Luna, Antoni: Elevated Levels of Plasmin-α2 Antiplasmin Complexes in Unstable Angina
Hézard, Nathalie; Metz, Damien; Nazeyrollas, Pierre; Nguyen, Philippe; Simon, Gérard; Daliphard, Sylvie; Droullé, Chantal; Elaerts, Jacques; Potron, Gérard: Free and Total Platelet Glycoprotein IIb/IIIa Measurement in Whole Blood by Quantitative Flow Cytometry during and after Infusion of c7E3 Fab in Patients Undergoing PTCA
Fedi, S.; Gori, A. M.; Falciani, M.; Cellai, A. P.; Aglietti, P.; Baldini, A.; Vena, L. M.; Prisco, D.; Abbate, R.; Gensini, G. F.: Procedure-dependence and Tissue Factor-independence of Hypercoagulability during Orthopaedic Surgery
Lowe, Gordon D. O.; Haverkate, Frits; Thompson, Simon G.; Turner, Rebecca M.; Bertina, Rogier M.; Turpie, Alexander G. G.; Mannucci, Pier M.; on behalf of the ECAT DVT Study Group: Prediction of Deep Vein Thrombosis after Elective Hip Replacement Surgery by Preoperative Clinical and Haemostatic Variables: The ECAT DVT Study
Sanz-Rodriguez, C.; Gil-Fernández, J. J.; Zapater, P.; Pinilla, I.; Granados, E.; de Soria, V. Gómez-G.; Cano, J.; Sala, N.; Fernández-Rañada, J. M.; Gómez Gómez, N.: Long-term Management of Homozygous Protein C Deficiency: Replacement Therapy with Subcutaneous Purified Protein C Concentrate
Gris, Jean-Christophe; Quéré, Isabelle; Monpeyrou, Françoise; Mercier, Eric; Ripart-Neveu, Sylvie; Tailland, Marie-Laure; Hoffet, Méderic; Berlan, Jacques; Daurès, Jean-Pierre; Marès, Pierre: Case-control Study of the Frequency of Thrombophilic Disorders in Couples with Late Foetal Loss and no Thrombotic Antecedent
Waseem, Naushin H.; Bagnall, Richard; Green, Peter M.; Giannelli, Francesco; and the Haemophilia Centres: Start of UK Confidential Haemophilia A Database: Analysis of 142 Patients by Solid Phase Fluorescent Chemical Cleavage of Mismatch
Menashi, Suzanne; Aurousseau, Marie-Hélène; Gozin, Danielle; Daffos, Fernand; D’Angelo, Armando; Forestier, François; Boffa, Marie-Claire: High Levels of Circulating Thrombomodulin in Human Foetuses and Children
Sakata, Toshiyuki; Yamamura, Taku; Kario, Kazuomi; Katayama, Yoshiaki; Matsuyama, Tatsuo; Kato, Hisao; Yamamoto, Akira; Miyata, Toshiyuki: Age- and Sex-related Differences of Plasma Activated Factor VII Levels in Children
Mezzano, Diego; Muñoz, Ximena; Martínez, Carlos; Cuevas, Ada; Panes, Olga; Aranda, Eduardo; Guasch, Viviana; Strobel, Pablo; Muñoz, Blanca; Rodríguez, Soledad; Pereira, Jaime; Leighton, Federico: Vegetarians and Cardiovascular Risk Factors: Hemostasis, Inflammatory Markers and Plasma Homocysteine
Lowe, Gordon D. O.; Rumley, Ann; Woodward, Mark; Reid, Evan; Rumley, Joseph: Activated Protein C Resistance and the FV:R506Q Mutation in a Random Population Sample
van Baal, Marchien W.; Kenemans, Peter; van der Mooren, Marius J.; Kessel, Hilda; Emeis, Jef J.; Stehouwer, Coen D. A.: Increased C-reactive Protein Levels during Short-term Hormone Replacement Therapy in Healthy Postmenopausal Women
Poller, L.; Besselaar, A. M. H. P. van den; Jespersen, J.; Tripodi, A.; Houghton, D.: Correction for Lack of Coincidence of Normal and Abnormal Calibration Slopes in ISI Determination
Mimuro, Jun; Kawata, Yoichi; Niwa, Kazuki; Muramatsu, Shin-ichi; Madoiwa, Seiji; Takano, Hiroshi; Sugo, Teruko; Sakata, Yoichi; Sugimoto, Tomoyoshi; Nose, Koichiro; Matsuda, Michio: A New Type of Ser Substitution for γ Arg-275 in Fibrinogen Kamogawa I Characterized by Impaired Fibrin Assembly
Masson, P.; Theveniau, J.; Coup, D.; Grégoire, T.; Vaillot, M.; Dupouy, D.; Sié, P.; Boneu, B.; Millet, J.: Further Studies on the Mechanism for the Antithrombotic Effects of Naroparcil, an Orally Active Thioxyloside Compound
Corral, J.; González-Conejero, R.; Rivera, J.; Ortuño, F.; Aparicio, P.; Vicente, V.: Role of the 807 C/T Polymorphism of the α2 Gene in Platelet GP Ia Collagen Receptor Expression and Function
Hérault, J.-P.; Dol, F.; Gaich, C.; Bernat, A.; Herbert, J.-M.: Effect of Clopidogrel on Thrombin Generation in Platelet-Rich Plasma in the Rat
Emerson, Michael; Momi, Stefania; Paul, William; Francesco, Paolo Alberti; Page, Clive; Gresele, Paolo: Endogenous Nitric Oxide Acts as a Natural Antithrombotic Agent In Vivo by Inhibiting Platelet Aggregation in the Pulmonary Vasculature
Lankhof, Hanneke; Damas, Conchi; Schiphorst, Marion E.; IJsseldijk, Martin J. W.; Bracke, Madelon; Furlan, Miha; de Groot, Philip G.; Sixma, Jan J.; Vink, Tom: Recombinant vWF Type 2A Mutants R834Q and R834W Show a Defect in Mediating Platelet Adhesion to Collagen, Independent of Enhanced Sensitivity to a Plasma Protease
Hepner, M.; Roldan, A.; Pieroni, G.; Frontroth, J. P.; Serviddio, R. M.; Feliú Torres, A.; Sciuccati, G.; Bonduel, M.: Factor V Leiden Mutation in the Argentinian Population
Song, Kyung Soon; Park, Young Sook; Kim, Hyun Kyung; Choi, Jong Rak: Absence of the Prothrombin Gene Variant in Koreans
Sacchi, Elisabetta; Duca, Francesca; Franceschi, Claudio; Mari, Daniela: Prothrombin Gene Mutation (G20210A) in Healthy Centenarians
De Stefano, V.; Paciaroni, K.; Chiusolo, P.; Casorelli, I.; Rossi, E.; Teofili, L.; Di Mario, A.; Leone, G.: Cerebral Vein Thrombosis not Related to Use of Oral Contraceptives in a 7-year-old Child Carrier of the Prothrombin 20210A Allele
Casonato, A.; Pontara, E.; Bertomoro, A.; Sartorello, F.; Girolami, A.: Which Assay Is the Most Suitable to Investigate von Willebrand Factor Functional Activity ?
Rege, K. P.; Bevan, D. H.; Chitolie, A.; Shannon, M. S.: Risk Factors and Thrombosis after Airline Flight