DOI: 10.1055/s-00000028

International Journal of Sports Medicine

Issue 13 · Volume 37 · December 2016 DOI: 10.1055/s-006-32946



Physiology & Biochemistry

Desgorces, F.-D; Breuillard, C.; Police, C.; Neveux, N.; Cottart, C.-H; Blanc, M.-C.; Toussaint, J. F.; Noirez, P.: Short-term Effects of Diet and Activity Changes on Inflammation and Insulin Resistance

Training & Testing

Costa, E. C.; Dantas, T. C. B.; de Farias Junior, L. F.; Frazão, D. T.; Prestes, J.; Moreira, S. R.; Ritti-Dias, R. M; Tibana, R. A.; Duhamel, T. A.: Inter- and Intra-Individual Analysis of Post-Exercise Hypotension Following a Single Bout of High-Intensity Interval Exercise and Continuous Exercise: A Pilot Study
Loturco, I.; Nakamura, F. Y.; Kobal, R.; Gil, S.; Pivetti, B.; Pereira, L. A.; Roschel, H.: Traditional Periodization versus Optimum Training Load Applied to Soccer Players: Effects on Neuromuscular Abilities
Rosas, F.; Ramirez-Campillo, R.; Diaz, D.; Abad-Colil, F.; Martinez-Salazar, C.; Caniuqueo, A.; Cañas-Jamet, R.; Loturco, I.; Nakamura, F. Y.; McKenzie, C.; Gonzalez-Rivera, J.; Sanchez-Sanchez, J.; Izquierdo, M.: Jump Training in Youth Soccer Players: Effects of Haltere Type Handheld Loading

Clinical Sciences

Schmitz, B.; Thorwesten, L.; Lenders, M.; Duning, T.; Stypmann, J.; Brand, E.; Brand, S.-M.: Physical Exercise in Patients with Fabry Disease – a Pilot Study
Nobre, T. S.; Groehs, R. V.; Azevedo, L. F.; Antunes-Correa, L. M.; Martinez, D. G.; Alves, M.J. N. N.; Negrao, C.E.: Post-Exercise Neurovascular Control in Chronic Heart Failure Patients

Orthopedics & Biomechanics

Ueda, T.; Hobara, H.; Kobayashi, Y.; Heldoorn, T. A.; Mochimaru, M.; Mizoguchi, H.: Comparison of 3 Methods for Computing Loading Rate during Running

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