DOI: 10.1055/s-00000012


Issue 02 · Volume 46 · February 2014 DOI: 10.1055/s-004-26342

Endoscopy welcomes EIO


Gimeno-García, Antonio Z.; Quintero, Enrique: Post-polypectomy complications: high risk in the cecum

Original article

Rutter, Matthew D.; Nickerson, Claire; Rees, Colin J.; Patnick, Julietta; Blanks, Roger G.: Risk factors for adverse events related to polypectomy in the English Bowel Cancer Screening Programme
Alvarez Herrero, Lorenza; Curvers, Wouter L.; Bisschops, Raf; Kara, Mohammed A.; Schoon, Erik J.; Kate, Fiebo J. W. ten; Visser, Mike; Weusten, Bas L. A. M.; Bergman, Jacques J. G. H. M.: Narrow band imaging does not reliably predict residual intestinal metaplasia after radiofrequency ablation at the neo-squamo columnar junction
Pouw, Roos E.; Visser, Mike; Odze, Robert D.; Sondermeijer, Carine M.; Kate, Fiebo J. W. ten; Weusten, Bas L. A. M.; Bergman, Jacques J.: Pseudo-buried Barrett’s post radiofrequency ablation for Barrett’s esophagus, with or without prior endoscopic resection
Barada, Kassem; Habib, Robert H.; Malli, Ahmad; Hashash, Jana G.; Halawi, Houssam; Maasri, Karim; Tawil, Ayman; Mourad, Fadi; Sharara, Ala I.; Soweid, Assaad; Sukkarieh, Ismail; Chakhachiro, Zaher; Jabbour, Mark; Fasano, Alessio; Santora, Debbie; Arguelles, Carolina; Murray, Joseph A.; Green, Peter H.: Prediction of celiac disease at endoscopy
Napoleon, Bertrand; Gincul, Rodica; Ponchon, Thierry; Berthiller, Julien; Escourrou, Jean; Canard, Jean-Marc; Boyer, Jean; Barthet, Marc; Ponsot, Philippe; Laugier, René; Helbert, Thierry; Coumaros, Dimitri; Scoazec, Jean-Yves; Mion, François; Saurin, Jean-Christophe; the Sociéte Française d’Endoscopie Digestive (SFED, French Society of Digestive Endoscopy): Endoscopic papillectomy for early ampullary tumors: long-term results from a large multicenter prospective study
Corbett, Gareth D.; Lim, Yean C.; Lee, James C.; Chernolesskiy, Alexey; Pugh, Peter J.; Cameron, Ewen A. B.: Safety of the colonoscope magnetic imaging device (ScopeGuide) in patients with implantable cardiac devices
Ciocîrlan, Mihai; Pioche, Mathieu; Lepilliez, Vincent; Gonon, Nicolas; Roume, Roland; Noel, Guillaume; Pinset, Christian; Ponchon, Thierry: The ENKI-2 water-jet system versus Dual Knife for endoscopic submucosal dissection of colorectal lesions: a randomized comparative animal study


Choi, N. K.; Lee, J.; Chang, Y.; Jung, S. Y.; Kim, Y. J.; Lee, S. M.; Lee, J. H.; Kim, J. Y.; Song, H. J.; Park, B. J.: Polyethylene glycol bowel preparation does not eliminate the risk of acute renal failure: a population-based case-crossover study

Innovations and brief communications

Schomisch, Steve J.; Yu, Liming; Wu, Yuhsin; Pauli, Eric M.; Cipriano, Cassandra; Chak, Amitabh; Lash, Richard H.; Ponsky, Jeffrey L.; Marks, Jeffrey M.: Commercially available biological mesh does not prevent stricture after esophageal mucosectomy
Kwong, Wilson T.-Y.; Coyle, Walter J.; Hasteh, Farnaz; Peterson, Michael R.; Savides, Thomas J.; Krinsky, Mary L.: Malignant cell contamination may lead to false-positive findings at endosonographic fine needle aspiration for tumor staging

Case report/series

Ueyama, Hiroya; Matsumoto, Kenshi; Nagahara, Akihito; Hayashi, Takuo; Yao, Takashi; Watanabe, Sumio: Gastric adenocarcinoma of the fundic gland type (chief cell predominant type)
van den Berg, Maarten W.; Walter, Daisy; Vleggaar, Frank P.; Siersema, Peter D.; Fockens, Paul; van Hooft, Jeanin E.: High proximal migration rate of a partially covered “big cup” duodenal stent in patients with malignant gastric outlet obstruction

Letters to the editor

Kawakami, Hiroshi; Isayama, Hiroyuki; Maguchi, Hiroyuki; Kuwatani, Masaki; Kawakubo, Kazumichi; Kudo, Taiki; Abe, Yoko; Kawahata, Shuhei; Kubo, Kimitoshi; Koike, Kazuhiko; Sakamoto, Naoya: Is wire-guided selective bile duct cannulation effective for prevention of post-ERCP pancreatitis by all endoscopists?
Tse, Frances; Yuan, Yuhong; Moayyedi, Paul; Leontiadis, Grigorios I.: Reply to Kawakami et al.