DOI: 10.1055/s-00000028

International Journal of Sports Medicine

Issue 08 · Volume 28 · August 2007 DOI: 10.1055/s-002-6919

Rapid Communication

Voss, S. C.; Thevis, M.; Schinkothe, T.; Schänzer, W.: Detection of Homologous Blood Transfusion

Physiology & Biochemistry

Krieg, A.; Scharhag, J.; Albers, T.; Kindermann, W.; Urhausen, A.: Cardiac Tissue Doppler in Steroid Users
O'Donovan, G.; McEneny, J.; Kearney, E. M.; Owen, A.; Nevill, A. M.; Woolf-May, K.; Bird, S. R.: LDL Particle Size in Habitual Exercisers, Lean Sedentary Men and Abdominally Obese Sedentary Men

Training & Testing

Nummela, A.; Keränen, T.; Mikkelsson, L. O.: Factors Related to Top Running Speed and Economy
D'Artibale, E.; Tessitore, A.; Tiberi, M.; Capranica, L.: Heart Rate and Blood Lactate during Official Female Motorcycling Competitions
Klug, G.; Zwick, R. H.; Frick, M.; Wolf, C.; Schocke, M. F. H.; Conci, E.; Jaschke, W.; Pachinger, O.; Metzler, B.: Impact of Exercise Capacity on Myocardial High-Energy Phosphate Metabolism
Ingle, L.; Wilkinson, M.; Carroll, S.; Boyes, C.; Butterly, R.; King, R.; Cooke, C.; Cleland, J.; Clark, A.: Cardiorespiratory Requirements of the 6-Min Walk Test in Older Patients with Left Ventricular Systolic Dysfunction and No Major Structural Heart Disease
Wegner, M. S.; Whaley, M. H.; Glass, S. C.; Kasper, M. J.; Woodall, M. T.: Effects of a Learning Trial on Self-Regulation of Exercise

Orthopedics & Biomechanics

Wang, W.; Chen, H. H.; Yang, X. H.; Xu, G.; Chan, K. M.; Qin, L.: Postoperative Programmed Muscle Tension Augmented Osteotendinous Junction Repair

Clinical Sciences

Bianco, M.; Fabbricatore, C.; Sanna, N.; Fabiano, C.; Palmieri, V.; Zeppilli, P.: Elite Athletes: Is Survival Shortened in Boxers?


Thomas, C.; Perrey, S.; Ben Saad, H.; Delage, M.; Dupuy, A. M.; Cristol, J. P.; Mercier, J.: Effects of a Supplementation during Exercise and Recovery