DOI: 10.1055/s-00000085

The Thoracic and Cardiovascular Surgeon

Issue 01 · Volume 49 · February 2001 DOI: 10.1055/s-002-636

Original Cardiovascular

Wendler, O.; Hennen, B.; Markwirth, T.; Nikoloudakis, N.; Graeter, T.; Schäfers, H.-J.: Complete Arterial Revascularization in the Diabetic Patient - Early Postoerative Results
Gansera, B.; Günzinger, R.; Angelis, I.; Eichinger, W.; Neumaier, P.; Breuer, M.; Kemkes, B. M.: End of the Millenium - End of the Single Thoracic Artery Graft? Two Thoracic Arteries - Standard for the Next Millenium?
Tiesenhausen, K.; Amann, W.; Koch, G.; Hausegger, K. A.; Oberwalder, P.; Rigler, B.: Endovascular Stent-Graft Repair of Acute Thoracic Aortic Dissection - Early Clinical Experiences

Case Report

Vogt, P. R.; Schmidlin, D.; Bernard, E.; Bettex, D.; Germann, R.: Inhaled Nitric Oxide for Pulmonary Hemorrhage Due to Acute Pulmonary Vein Trauma
Kaneda, T.; Iemura, J.; Zhang, Z.; Inoue, T.; Onoe, M.; Kitayama, H.; Nakamoto, S.; Oka, H.; Otaki, M.; Oku, H.: A Case of Standford Type B Aortic Dissection Involving a Right-Sided Aortic Arch with Mirror-Image Branching and Right-Sided Descending Aorta
Fabricius, A. M.; Autschbach, R.; Doll, N.; Mohr, F. W.: Acute Aortic Dissection during Pregnancy

Special Report

Rötker, J.; Trösch, F.; Deng, M. C.; Roeder, N.; Scheld, H. H.: Medical Liability Disputes involving Thoracic and Cardiovascular Surgeons