DOI: 10.1055/s-00000058

Planta Medica

Issue 06 · Volume 71 · June 2005 DOI: 10.1055/s-002-4166

Original Paper


Dupont, Claude; Couillerot, Eric; Gillet, Reynald; Caron, Catherine; Zeches-Hanrot, Monique; Riou, Jean-François; Trentesaux, Chantal: The Benzophenanthridine Alkaloid Fagaronine Induces Erythroleukemic Cell Differentiation by Gene Activation

Biochemistry and Molecular Biology

Kuhlmann, Christoph R. W.; Schaefer, Christian A.; Kosok, Christoph; Abdallah, Yaser; Walther, Sabine; Lüdders, Dörte W.; Neumann, Thomas; Tillmanns, Harald; Schäfer, Claudia; Piper, Hans M.; Erdogan, Ali: Quercetin-Induced Induction of the NO/cGMP Pathway Depends on Ca2+-Activated K+ Channel-Induced Hyperpolarization-Mediated Ca2+-Entry into Cultured Human Endothelial Cells
Chen, Shi-Chung; Cheng, Jun-Jack; Hsieh, Ming-Hsiung; Chu, Yen-Ling; Kao, Pai-Feng; Cheng, Tzu-Hurng; Chan, Paul: Molecular Mechanism of the Inhibitory Effect of Trilinolein on Endothelin-1-Induced Hypertrophy of Cultured Neonatal Rat Cardiomyocytes
Berwanger, Stefanie; Zapp, Josef; Becker, Hans: 13C-Labelling of Xanthohumol in Hop Cones (Humulus lupulus)

Natural Product Chemistry

Tsai, Ian-Lih; Lee, Fan-Pin; Wu, Chin-Chung; Duh, Chang-Yih; Ishikawa, Tsutomu; Chen, Jih-Jung; Chen, Yu-Chang; Seki, Hiroko; Chen, Ih-Sheng: New Cytotoxic Cyclobutanoid Amides, a New Furanoid Lignan and Anti-Platelet Aggregation Constituents from Piper arborescens
Han, Yi-Feng; Zhang, Qi; Gao, Kun; Jia, Zhong-Jian: New Sesquiterpenes from Sonchus transcaspicus
Maldonado, Emma; Alvarado, Vita E.; Torres, Fernando R.; Martínez, Mahinda; Pérez-Castorena, Ana L.: Androstane and Withanolides from Physalis cinerascens
Hamed, Arafa I.; Piacente, Sonia; Autore, Giuseppina; Marzocco, Stefania; Pizza, Cosimo; Oleszek, Wieslaw: Antiproliferative Hopane and Oleanane Glycosides from the Roots of Glinus lotoides


Oliveira, Marcia C.; de Carvalho, Mario G.; Grynberg, Noema F.; Brioso, Paulo S.: A Biflavonoid from Luxemburgia nobilis as inhibitor of DNA Topoisomerases
Ippoushi, Katsunari; Ito, Hidekazu; Horie, Hideki; Azuma, Keiko: Mechanism of Inhibition of Peroxynitrite-Induced Oxidation and Nitration by [6]-Gingerol
Kim, Young Sup; Kim, Jeoung Seob; Choi, Sang-Un; Kim, Jung Sook; Lee, Hyun Sun; Roh, Seong Hwan; Jeong, Young Chul; Kim, Young-Kyoon; Ryu, Shi Yong: Isolation of a New Saponin and Cytotoxic Effect of Saponins from the Root of Platycodon grandiflorum on Human Tumor Cell Lines
Yang, Guo-xun; Zhou, Jin-tao; Li, Ya-zun; Hu, Chang-qi: Anti-HIV Bioactive Stilbene Dimers of Caragana rosea
Papon, Nicolas; Bremer, Jennifer; Vansiri, Amérin; Andreu, Françoise; Rideau, Marc; Crèche, Joël: Cytokinin and Ethylene Control Indole Alkaloid Production at the Level of the MEP/Terpenoid Pathway in Catharanthus roseus Suspension Cells
Cha, Jeong-Dan; Jeong, Mi-Ran; Choi, Hwa-Jung; Jeong, Seung-Il; Moon, Sang-Eun; Yun, Soon-Il; Kim, Young-Hoi; Kil, Bong-Seop; Song, Yo-Han: Chemical Composition and Antimicrobial Activity of the Essential Oil of Artemisia lavandulaefolia
Jin, Jing Ling; Lee, Sanghyun; Lee, Yong Yook; Heo, Jung Eun; Kim, Jeong Mi; Yun-Choi, Hye Sook: Two New Non-Glycosidic Iridoids from the Leaves of Campsis grandiflora
Carles, Maria; Cheung, Matthew Kin Lok; Moganti, Shanti; Dong, Tina T. X.; Tsim, Karl W.; Ip, Nancy Y.; Sucher, Nikolaus J.: A DNA Microarray for the Authentication of Toxic Traditional Chinese Medicinal Plants