DOI: 10.1055/s-00000012


Issue 10 · Volume 35 · October 2003 DOI: 10.1055/s-002-2842

DDW Report 2003

Original Article

de Lange, T.; Moum, B. A.; Tholfsen, J. K.; Larsen, S.; Aabakken, L.: Standardization and Quality of Endoscopy Text Reports in Ulcerative Colitis
Higaki , S.; Hashimoto , S.; Harada , K.; Nohara , H.; Saito , Y.; Gondo , T.; Okita , K.: Long-Term Follow-Up of Large Flat Colorectal Tumors Resected Endoscopically
Franchimont, D.; Covas, A.; Brasseur, C.; Laethem, J.-L. Van; El-Nakadi, I.; Devière, J.: Newly Developed Barrett’s Esophagus after Subtotal Esophagectomy

Case Report

Hauck , R. W.; Born , P.; Helmberger , H.; Bülau , S.; Lembeck , R. M.; Rösch , T.: Y-Nitinol Airway Stent for Management of Central Airway Compression Due to Metastatic Colon Cancer
Madisch, A.; Schimming, W.; Kinzel, F.; Schneider, R.; Aust, D.; Ockert, D. M.; Laniado, M.; Ehninger, G.; Miehlke, S.: Locally Advanced Small-Bowel Adenocarcinoma Missed Primarily by Capsule Endoscopy but Diagnosed by Push Enteroscopy
de Mascarenhas-Saraiva, M. N. G.; da Silva Araújo Lopes, L. M.: Small-Bowel Tumors Diagnosed by Wireless Capsule Endoscopy: Report of Five Cases

ESGE/ESGENA Guidelines

Unusual Cases and Technical Notes

Williams, G. L.; Ragunath, K.; Davies, M.; Harvey, J. S.; Thomas, G. A. O.: Distal Migration of a Self-Expandable Metal Oesophageal Stent, Presenting As Constipation
Glasbrenner, B.; Schweitzer, A.; Ludolph, T.: A Rare Cause of Sigmoid Obstruction in a 77-Year-Old Patient