DOI : 10.1055/s-00000054


Issue 06 · Volume 21 · December 2011 DOI: 10.1055/s-002-22322

Hegerl, U; Himmerich, H; Rupprecht, R: Editorial
Adamczyk, M; Fulda, S; Pawlowski, M; Steiger, A; Holsboer, F; Friess, E: Robust and stable automatic detection of rapid-eye movements in REM sleep
Ambree, O; Zlomuzica, A; Buschert, J; Rothermundt, M; Zhang, W; Arolt, V; Dere, E: Impaired water-maze performance and altered adult hippocampal neurogenesis in histamine H1-receptor knockout mice
Büll, D; Sato, M; Burgmaier, W; Bettecken, T; Weber, M; Rein, T; Uhr, M; Schmidt, U: Searching for biomarkers in a historic sample of Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis – The Munich Historic Brain Bank Project
Baars, MY; Reuter, M; Harro, J; Eensoo, D; Gallhofer, B; Müller, MJ; Netter, P: Platelet activity and genetics of MAO B: How do they relate to impulsivity and aggression?
Beitinger, PA; Beitinger, ME; Wehrle, R; Steiger, A: Delay of gratification in narcolepsy
Brenndörfer, J; Widner, R; Czibere, L; Wolf, C; Touma, C; Bettecken, R; Landgraf, R: Copy number variants in two mouse models of affective disorders
Buschert, J; Steinbrink, J; Steinbeck, J; Rothermundt, M; Zhang, W; Arolt, V; Ambree, O: Effects of psychosocial stress on the behavior of S100B transgenic mice
Buschert, VC; Giegling, I; Merensky, W; Jolk, S; Teipel, SJ; Hampel, H; Rujescu, D; Buerger, K: Long-term observation of a multicomponent cognitive intervention in amnestic mild cognitive impairment (aMCI)
Cabanis, M; Krug, A; Pyka, M; Walter, H; Winterer, G; Müller, B; Wiedemann, G; Vogeley, K; Wittorf, A; Rapp, A; Klingberg, S; Kircher, T: Neural correlates of Cognitive Behavioural Therapy effects on positive symptoms in patients with schizophrenic disorders
Chittka, T; Minkwitz, J; Thormann, J; Olbrich, S; Sander, C; Hegerl, U; Himmerich, H: Vigilance and personality: neuroticism and sensation seeking as important markers for emotional psychopathologies
Costa, A; Riedel, M; Pogarell, O; Rubia, K; Reiser, M; Moeller, HJ; Meindl, T; Ettinger, U: Methylphenidate effects on neural activity during response inhibition in healthy humans
Cuboni, S; Hoogeland, B; Hauger, B; Eder, M; Hausch, F: Development of a screening assay for the SLC6A15/B0AT2 transporter
Czibere, L; Brehm, N; Naik, R; Hermann, L; Schmidt, U; Landgraf, R: Functional characterisation of single-nucleotide polymorphisms in the HAB/LAB mouse Tmem132d promoter
Czibere, L; Bunck, M; Brehm, N; Salvamoser, J; Kessler, MS; Landgraf, R: Phenotypic and genetic characterization of a short-term selective breeding for anxiety-related behavior
Devigny, C; Perez-Balderas, F; Hoogeland, B; Cuboni, S; Webb, K; Deussing, JM; Hausch, F: Biomimetic screening of class B G protein-coupled receptors
Eberlein, CK; Buchholz, V; Rhein, M; Wilhelm, J; Kornhuber, J; de Zwaan, M; Bleich, S; Frieling, H: How the serotonin transporter gene (SLC6A4) shapes the phenotype in eating disorders: a role for genotype and promoter methylation
Filiou, MD; Teplytska, L; Gormanns, P; Reckow, S; Zhang, Y; Frank, E; Kessler, MS; Nussbaumer, M; Maccarrone, G; Landgraf, R; Turck, CW: Anxiety and mitochondria: Insights from the -omics world
Filiou, MD; Teplytska, L; Otte, DM; Yilmaz, Ö; Zimmer, A; Turck, CW: Proteomic alterations in G72/G30 transgenic mice
PGC-Consortium, SGENE-Consortium; Friedl, M; Giegling, I; Hartmann, AM; Konnerth, H; Konte, B; Möller, HJ; Rujescu, D: Neuropsychological intermediate phenotypes as tools for genetic studies in schizophrenia
Gassen, NC; Han, Y; Wochnik, G; Holsboer, F; Rein, T: Functional impact of FKBP51 on cellular pathways
PGC-Consortium, SGENE-Consortium; Giegling, I; Hartmann, AM; Friedl, M; Konnerth, H; Konte, B; Möller, HJ; Rujescu, D: Genome wide association study in schizophrenia and intermediate phenotypes
PGC-Consortium, SGENE-Consortium; Giegling, I; Hartmann, AM; Konnerth, H; Konte, B; Friedl, M; Möller, HJ; Rujescu, D: Copy number variants in schizophrenia
Giegling, I; Hartmann, AM; Schneider, B; Maurer, K; Möller, HJ; Rujescu, D: Genetics of suicidal behaviour
Giese, M; Beck, J; Brand, S; Muheim, F; Hatzinger, M; Holsboer-Trachsler, E; Eckert, A: Increase of serum BDNF level in depressive patients identifies therapy response and correlates with mood improvement
Gopalakrishnan, R; Kozany, C; Hoogeland, B; Bracher, A; Hausch, F: FKBP ligands
Graf, H; Abler, B; Freudenmann, R; Beschoner, P; Schaeffeler, E; Spitzer, M; Schwab, M; Grön, G: Neural correlates of error monitoring modulated by atomoxetine in healthy volunteers: a randomized, placebo-controlled fMRI-study
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Gruber, O; Diekhof, EK; Zvonik, K; Trost, S; Weber, K; Petrovic, A; Henseler, I; Zilles, D; Melcher, T; Keil, M; Dechent, P; Falkai, P: Multi-functional MRI studies of disordered brain circuits in schizophrenic and affective psychoses
Grünblatt, E; Bartl, J; Hofmann, S; Borst, A; Riederer, P; Walitza, S: d/l threo-methylphenidate enantiomers influence on catecholaminergic enzyme activities
Hadar, R; Götz, T; Klein, J; Rummel, J; Schneider, M; Morgenstern, R; Winter, C: Deep brain stimulation on schizophrenic symptoms in the WIN rat model of schizophrenia
Haen, E; Köstlbacher, A; Bader, W; Greiner, C; Hader, A; Köber, R; Wenzel-Seifert, K; Wittmann, M; Dörfelt, A; Melchner, D; Outlaw, E; Brandl, R: The dose-related reference range – a new tool for therapeutic drug monitoring (TDM)
Hahn, E; Hahn, C; Dettling, M; Güntürkün, O; Ta, T; Neuhaus, A: Smoking and double dissociation of prefrontal cognition in schizophrenia
Hartmann, AM; Giegling, I; Genius, J; Schäfer, M; Drago, A; Dolžan, V; Stassen, HH; Serretti, A; Möller, HJ; Rujescu, D: Pharmacogenetics of antipsychotics: focus on the glutamatergic system
Hartmann, J; Wagner, KV; Liebl, C; Wolf, M; Scharf, SH; Wang, XD; Hausch, F; Rein, T; Schmidt, U; Touma, C; Müller, MB; Schmidt, MV: The involvement of FKBP51 and FKBP52 in the behavioural and neuroendocrine effects of acute and chronic stress
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Kiefer, T; Renner, L; Genzel, L; Dresler, M; Pawlowski, M; Steiger, A: Menstrual cycle effects on sleep-dependent memory consolidation
Kiem, SA; Andrade, KC; Hoehn, D; Goya-Maldonado, R; Spoormaker, VI; Holsboer, F; Czisch, M; Sämann, PG: Combined fMRI/EEG to map non-genomic effects of exogeneous cortisol
Klein, J; Männer, A; Eberhardt, C; Baldassarri, J; Jähkel, M; Morgenstern, R; Winter, C: Mapping brain regions stimulation affects schizophrenia-like behaviour in the Polyl:C rat model of schizophrenia
Koller, G; Rominger, A; La Fougère, C; Cumming, P; Bartenstein, P; Soyka, M; Pogarell, O: Striatal and extrastriatal dopamine D2 receptor availability as assessed by [18F]fallypride and PET in patients with alcohol use disorder
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