DOI: 10.1055/s-00000028

International Journal of Sports Medicine

Issue 08 · Volume 31 · August 2010 DOI: 10.1055/s-002-21205


Physiology & Biochemistry

Hirai, D. M.; Roseguini, B. T.; Diefenthaeler, F.; Carpes, F. P.; Vaz, M. A.; Ferlin, E. L.; Ribeiro, J. P.; Nakamura, F. Y.: Effects of Altering Pedal Frequency on the Slow Component of Pulmonary V˙O2 Kinetics and EMG Activity
Zhu, M.; Tan, N.; Zhu, H.; Zeng, G.; He, W.; Yu, B.; Chen, X.: Anti-Sports Anaemia Effects of Verbascoside and Martynoside in Mice
Kuipers, H.; Dubravcic-Simunjak, S.; Moran, J.; Mitchell, D.; Shobe, J.; Sakai, H.; Ambartsumov, R.: Blood Testing in Sport: Hematological Profiling
Jammes, Y.; Delliaux, S.; Coulange, M.; Jammes, C.; Kipson, N.; Brerro-Saby, C.; Bregeon, F.: EMG Changes in Thigh and Calf Muscles in Fin Swimming Exercise

Training & Testing

Dalleck, L.; Bushman, T. T.; Crain, R. D.; Gajda, M. M.; Koger, E. M.; Derksen, L. A.: Dose-Response Relationship Between Interval Training Frequency and Magnitude of Improvement in Lactate Threshold
Gross, M.; Lüthy, F.; Kroell, J.; Müller, E.; Hoppeler, H.; Vogt, M.: Effects of Eccentric Cycle Ergometry in Alpine Skiers

Orthopedics & Biomechanics


Clinical Sciences

Feland, J. B.; Hawks, M.; Hopkins, J. T.; Hunter, I.; Johnson, A. W.; Eggett, D. L.: Whole Body Vibration as an Adjunct to Static Stretching
Gomides, R. S.; Dias, R. M. R.; Souza, D. R.; Costa, L. A. R.; Ortega, K. C.; Mion, D.; Tinucci, T.; Moraes Forjaz, C. L. de: Finger Blood Pressure During Leg Resistance Exercise