DOI: 10.1055/s-00000085

The Thoracic and Cardiovascular Surgeon

Issue 05 · Volume 49 · October 2001 DOI: 10.1055/s-002-1214



Christiansen, S.; Jahn, U. R.; Stypmann, J.; Redmann, K.; Scheld, H. H.; Hammel, D.: Does a Suitable Animal Model for Research on Partial Left Ventriculectomy Exist?

Original Cardiovascular

Scheubel, R. J. R. E.; Bartling, B.; Stein, S.; Darmer, D.; Holtz, J.; Pregla, R.; Hetzer, R.; Koerfer, R.; Zerkowski, H.; Silber, R.: Age-Dependent Myocardial Reinduction of Apoptosis Inhibitors under VAD in Heart Failure
Tozzi, P.; Stumpe, F.; Ruchat, P.; Marty, B.; Corno, A. F.; von Segesser, L. K.: Preliminary Clinical Experience with the Heartflo™ Anastomosis Device*
Jockenhoevel, S.; Chalabi, K.; Sachweh, J. S.; Groesdonk, H. V.; Demircan, L.; Grossmann, M.; Zund, G.; Messmer, B. J.: Tissue Engineering: Complete Autologous Valve Conduit - A New Moulding Technique
Strotmann, J. M.; Sack, F. U.; Roll, C.; Dempfle, C. E.; Ruebsamen, K.; Hagl, S.; Babin-Ebell, J.; Voelker, W.: A Novel Perfusion Catheter for Hybrid Procedures in Minimally Invasive Bypass Surgery
Drews, T.; Loebe, M.; Jurmann, M.; zu Dohna, R.; Erben, M.; Hetzer, R.: Outpatients on Biventricular Assist Devices
Böhm, J. O.; Botha, C. A.; Hemmer, W.; Roser, D.; Starck, C.; Blumenstock, G.; Rein, J.-G.: The Ross Operation as a Combined Procedure and in Complicated Cases - is there an Increased Risk?

Case Report

Rothenburger, M.; Semik, M.; Schmidt, C.; Hoffmeier, A.; August, C.; Scheld, H.-H.: Primary Pigmented Malignant Schwannoma in the Posterior Mediastinum
Kamler, M.; Tuengerthal, S.; Rauch, H.; Hagl, S.; Jakob, H.: Near-Fatal Hemoptysis and Emergency Surgical Repair after Aortic Patch-Plasty
Fabricius, A. M.; Krueger, M.; Falk, V.; Hanke, M.; Mohr, F. W.: Floating Thrombus on an ASD Occluder Device in a Patient with Hemophilia A

Short Communication

Letter to the Editor