The Thoracic and Cardiovascular Surgeon

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Issue S 03/2017

Sousa-Uva, Miguel: A Farewell Party
Gummert, Jan F.; Diegeler, Anno; Falk, Volkmar: Anastomotic Devices in Coronary Artery Bypass Grafting
Doll, Nicolas; Götte, Julia; Wehbe, Mahmoud S.; Weimar, Timo; Merk, Denis R.: Correcting Arrhythmias: Interventional and Surgical Ablation Therapy
Etz, Christian D.; Battelini, Roberto: Treating Aortic Disease
Gummert, J.; Barten, M.; Rahmel, A.; Doll, S.; Krakor, R.; Garbade, J.; Autschbach, R.: Therapy for Heart Failure: The Leipzig Approach
Holzhey, David M.; Funkat, Anne-Katrin; Gummert, Jan: Quality Control and Learning Curves at the Heart Center Leipzig
Linden, Arnaud Van; Seeburger, Jörg; Noack, Thilo; Falk, Volkmar; Walther, Thomas: Imaging in Cardiac Surgery: Visualizing the Heart
Falk, Volkmar; Walther, Thomas: Perspectives at the End...