Synlett 2016; 27(01): 126-130
DOI: 10.1055/s-0035-1560540
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Preparation of C 2-Symmetric Biaryl Bisiminium Salts and Their Use as Organocatalysts for Asymmetric Epoxidation

Philip C. Bulman Page*a, Mohamed M. Farahb, Benjamin R. Buckleyb, Yohan Chana, A. John Blackerc
  • aSchool of Chemistry, University of East Anglia, Norwich Research Park, Norwich, Norfolk NR4 7TJ, UK   Email:
  • bDepartment of Chemistry, Loughborough University, Loughborough, Leicestershire LE11 3TU, UK
  • cSchool of Chemistry, University of Leeds, Leeds LS2 9JT, UK
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Publication History

Received: 27 September 2015

Accepted after revision: 01 November 2015

Publication Date:
16 November 2015 (eFirst)


Two C 2-symmetric bisiminium salt species containing biphenylazepinium units and derived from two chiral diamines were prepared and tested as organocatalysts for asymmetric epoxidation.

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