DOI: 10.1055/s-00032056

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The 10 most popular articles of the last 3 months.

Cochrane, Darryl J.; Harnett, Keegan; Lopez-Villalobos, Nicolas; Hapeta, Jeremy: The Effect of Repetitive Rugby Scrummaging on Force Output and Muscle Activity
Marinho, Daniel Almeida; Gil, Maria Helena; Cardoso Marques, Mario; Barbosa, Tiago Miguel; Neiva, Henrique Pereira: Complementing Warm-up with Stretching Routines: Effects in Sprint Performance
Andersen, Vidar; Fimland, Marius Steiro; Cumming, Kristoffer Toldnes; Vraalsen, Øyvind; Saeterbakken, Atle Hole: Explosive Resistance Training Using Elastic Bands in Young Female Team Handball Players
Sánchez-Medina, Luis; Pallarés, Jesús G.; Pérez, Carlos E.; Morán-Navarro, Ricardo; González-Badillo, Juan José: Estimation of Relative Load From Bar Velocity in the Full Back Squat Exercise
Beaudouin, Florian; der Fünten, Karen aus; Tröß, Tobias; Reinsberger, Claus; Meyer, Tim: Time Trends of Head Injuries Over Multiple Seasons in Professional Male Football (Soccer)
Blanchard, Sylvain; Palestri, Jérôme; Guer, Jean-Luc; BEHR, Michel: Current Soccer Footwear, Its Role in Injuries and Potential for Improvement
McCormack, Moira Cameron; Bird, Howard; de Medici, Akbar; Haddad, Fares; Simmonds, Jane: The Physical Attributes Most Required in Professional Ballet: A Delphi Study