DOI: 10.1055/s-00029028

Journal of Pediatric Infectious Diseases

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Nasir, Idris Abdullahi; Mele, Hadiza Umar; Babayo, Adamu; Yahaya, Fatima: Serum Procalcitonin Assay for Investigations and Clinical Management of Neonatal Sepsis: A Review
Chernoff, Miriam C.; Laughton, Barbara; Ratswana, Mmule; Familiar, Itziar; Fairlie, Lee; Vhembo, Tichaona; Kamthunzi, Portia; Kabugho, Enid; Joyce, Celeste; Zimmer, Bonnie; Ariansen, J. L.; Jean-Philippe, Patrick; Boivin, Michael J.: Validity of Neuropsychological Testing in Young African Children Affected by HIV
Divarathne, Maduja Vyanga Manike; Ahamed, Rukshan Rafeek; Noordeen, Faseeha: The Impact of RSV-Associated Respiratory Disease on Children in Asia