DOI: 10.1055/s-00024358

European Journal of Pediatric Surgery Reports

The 10 most popular articles of the last 3 months.

Gonzalez-Urquijo, Mauricio; Ovalle-Chao, Christian; Flores-Villalba, Eduardo; de Jesus Garza-Luna, Ulises; Velazco-De La Garza, Jose Humberto; Garza-Serna, Ulises: Cecal Volvulus following a Right Nephrectomy for Wilms' Tumor: Should We Need to Close the Lateral Peritoneum?
El Ezzi, Oumama; Bossou, Raymond; Reinberg, Olivier; Vasseur Maurer, Sabine; Roessingh, Anthony de Buys: Erratum to: Delayed Closure of Giant Omphaloceles in West Africa: Report of Five Cases
Ott, Chantal; Bobylev, Andrei; Holland-Cunz, Stefan Gerhard; Mayr, Johannes: Unilateral Straight Hair—A Symptom of Acquired Horner's Syndrome in a Neonate
Filisetti, Claudia; Maestri, Luciano; Meroni, Milena; Marinoni, Federica; Riccipetitoni, Giovanna: Severe Dumping Syndrome in a 6-year-old Girl with Congenital Microgastria Treated by Hunt-Lawrence Pouch
Poryo, Martin; Hoffmann, Paul; Schäfers, Hans-Joachim; Meier, Clemens-Magnus; Altmeyer, Katrin; Abdul-Khaliq, Hashim; Zemlin, Michael; Meyer, Sascha: A Neonate with an Unusual Midline Defect and Cardiovascular Anomaly