DOI: 10.1055/s-00024358

European Journal of Pediatric Surgery Reports

The 10 most popular articles of the last 3 months.

Simal, Isabel; García-Casillas, Maria Antonia; Cerdá, Julio Arturo; Riquelme, Óscar; Lorca-García, Concepción; Pérez-Egido, Laura; Fernández-Bautista, Beatriz; Torre, Manuel de la; de Agustín, Juan Carlos: Three-Dimensional Custom-Made Titanium Ribs for Reconstruction of a Large Chest Wall Defect
Klein, Willemijn M.; Van der Putten, Mayke E.; Kusters, Benno; Verhoeven, Bas H.: Fatal Complications after Pediatric Surgical Interventions: Lessons Learned
Zani-Ruttenstock, Elke; Zani, Augusto; Honjo, Osami; Chiu, Priscilla: Pentalogy of Cantrell: Is Echocardiography Sufficient in the Neonatal Period?
El Ezzi, Oumama; Bossou, Raymond; Reinberg, Olivier; Maurer, Sabine Vasseur; Roessingh, Anthony de Buys: Delayed Closure of Giant Omphaloceles in West Africa: Report of Five Cases
Filisetti, Claudia; Maestri, Luciano; Meroni, Milena; Marinoni, Federica; Riccipetitoni, Giovanna: Severe Dumping Syndrome in a 6-year-old Girl with Congenital Microgastria Treated by Hunt-Lawrence Pouch