DOI: 10.1055/s-00000182

Journal of Neurological Surgery Reports

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Khan, Shujhat; Anichini, Giulio; Mian, Areeb; Kareem, Haider; Syed, Nelofer; O'Neill, Kevin: Tonsillar Carcinoma Spreading Metastases to Central Nervous System: Case Report and Literature Review
Gallo, Elizabeth; Brzezicki, Grzegorz; Makary, Raafat; Rahmathulla, Gazanfar; Rao, Dinesh; Tavanaiepour, Daryoush: Falx Cerebelli Meningioma: Case Report of a Rarely Occurring Tumor, Management Nuances, and Literature Review
Carter, Lacey M.; Milton, Camille K.; O'Connor, Kyle P.; Chakraborty, Arpan R.; Stephens, Tressie M.; Glenn, Chad A.: Dynamic Occlusion of Distal Ventriculoperitoneal Shunt Catheter after Infusion Port Placement: A New Shunt Malfunction
Watanabe, Kentaro; Filomena, Carol A.; Nonaka, Yoichi; Matsuda, Masahide; Zomorodi, Ali R.; Friedman, Allan H.; Fukushima, Takanori: Extradural Dermoid Cyst of the Anterior Infratemporal Fossa. Case Report
Piper, Keenan J.; Karsy, Michael; Barton, Blair; Rabinowitz, Mindy; Rosen, Marc R.; Nyquist, Gurston G.; Evans, James J.; Tjoumakaris, Stavropoula; Farrell, Christopher J.: Management of Coincident Pituitary Macroadenoma and Cavernous Carotid Aneurysm: A Systematic Literature Review