DOI: 10.1055/s-00000099

Zeitschrift für Orthopädie und Unfallchirurgie

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Dorn, U.; Landauer, F.; Hofstaedter, T.: Gluteussehnensyndrom
Harrasser, N.; Banke, I.; Gollwitzer, H.; Wilken, F.; Toepfer, A.; von Eisenhart-Rothe, R.; Hauschild, M.: Gluteale Insuffizienz: Pathogenese, Diagnostik und Therapie Gluteal insufficiency: Pathogenesis, Diagnosis and Therapy
Scheidt, Sebastian; Rüwald, Julian; Schildberg, Frank Alexander; Mahlein, Anne Katrin; Seuser, Axel; Wirtz, Dieter Christian; Jacobs, Cornelius: A Systematic Review on the Value of Infrared Thermography in the Early Detection of Periprosthetic Joint Infections Article in several languages: English | deutsch
Eschmann, David; Köck, Manuela; Bludau, Frederic; Obertacke, Udo: Scientific Backgrounds for the Timing of Acute Care Surgery Article in several languages: English | deutsch
Koch, P.; Kowalski, S.; Diedrich, O.; Schmitt, O.; Kraft, C. N.: Seltene Differenzialdiagnose eines degenerativen HWS-Syndroms: Dura-AV-Fistel im Bereich des Sinus Sigmoideus Rare Differential Diagnosis of a Degenerative Cervical Syndrome: An Arteriovenous Meningeal Fistula of the Sigmoid Sinus
Katzer, Alexander; Niedermauntel, Wolf-Peter; Rump, Jörg: Das Parsonage-Turner-Syndrom Parsonage-Turner Syndrome – Case Report
Ateschrang, Atesch; Gratzer, Christoph; Stöckle, Ulrich; Schreiner, Anna Janine: A Modified Rotator Cuff Sparing Approach to the Proximal Humerus in Antegrade Nail Osteosynthesis with Transosseous Supraspinatus Tendon Refixation Article in several languages: English | deutsch
Razaeian, Sam; Rustum, Saad; Sonnow, Lena; Meller, Rupert; Krettek, Christian; Hawi, Nael: Axillary Artery Dissection and Thrombosis after Closed Proximal Humerus Fracture – a Rare Interdisciplinary Challenge Article in several languages: English | deutsch
Lehmann, W.; Fensky, F.; Hoffmann, M.; Rueger, J. M.: Der Stoppa-Zugang zur Versorgung von Azetabulumfrakturen The Stoppa Approach for Treatment of Acetabular Fractures