DOI: 10.1055/s-00039245


Issue 03 · Volume 07 · June 2019 DOI: 10.1055/s-009-44686

State-of-the-Art Review

Carino, Davide; Agarwal, Arvind; Singh, Mrinal; Meadows, Judith; Ziganshin, Bulat A.; Elefteriades, John A.: Coronary Aneurysm: An Enigma Wrapped in a Mystery

Original Research Article

Chaddha, Ashish; Eagle, Kim A.; Patel, Himanshu J.; Deeb, G. Michael; Yang, Bo; Harris, Kevin M.; Braverman, Alan C.; Hutchison, Stuart; Evangelista, Arturo; Fattori, Rossella; Froehlich, James B.; Nienaber, Christoph A.; Isselbacher, Eric M.; Montgomery, Dan G.; Kline-Rogers, Eva; Woznicki, Elise; LaBounty, Troy M.: The Clinical Impact of Imaging Surveillance and Clinic Visit Frequency after Acute Aortic Dissection

Case Report

Federici, Duccio; Bichi, Samuele; Montesi, Gianfranco; Matiashvili, David; Agostinis, Cristina; Morzenti, Cesare; Sironi, Sandro; Galletti, Lorenzo: Native Aortic Arch Interruption in Adulthood: Surgical Management
Rabenstein, Andrew P.; Salhab, Khaled F.; Spentzouris, Georgios; Paruchuri, Vijayapraveena; Hines, George; Vintzileos, Anthony M.; Schubach, Scott L.: Middle Aortic Syndrome in a Child-Bearing Age Patient
Saitto, Guglielmo; Russo, Marco; Pugliese, Marta; Vacirca, Sara R.; Bertoldo, Fabio; Nardi, Paolo; Ruvolo, Giovanni: Infectious Aortic Root Pseudoaneurysm after Bentall Procedure: To Treat or Not to Treat by Redo Operation?

Images in Aortic Disease

Rossi, Umberto G.; Rollandi, Gian Andrea: Thoracic Renal Artery