DOI: 10.1055/s-00000015

European Journal of Pediatric Surgery

Issue 04 · Volume 33 · August 2023 DOI: 10.1055/s-013-57882

Review Article

Eeftinck Schattenkerk, Laurens D.; Shirinskiy, Igor J.; Musters, Gijsbert D.; de Jonge, Wouter J.; de Vries, Ralph; van Heurn, L.W. Ernest; Derikx, Joep P.M.: Systematic Review of Definitions and Outcome Measures for Postoperative Ileus and Return of Bowel Function after Abdominal Surgery in Children

Original Article

Schmedding, Andrea; Hutter, Martin; Gfroerer, Stefan; Rolle, Udo: Differences in the Outcome of Colonic Atresia with and without Abdominal Wall Defects
Huang, Yanbing; Zhuang, Peijun; Chen, Gong; Huang, Yanlei; Dong, Kuiran; Xiao, Xianmin; Zheng, Shan; Sun, Song: Clinical Characteristics and Management of Colorectal Vascular Malformation in Children: A Retrospective Study of 23 Cases
Pereira-Nunes, Joana; Vasconcelos-Castro, Sofia; Fontoura-Matias, José; Preto-Gomes, Nuno; Marinho-Cunha, Ana; Soares-Oliveira, Miguel: Preoperative Metal Patch Testing and Titanium Bar Use Criteria in Nuss Procedure: A 56-Patients' Cohort Study
Aierken, Yeerfan; Ye, Erdeng; Abudureyimu, Abudusaimi; Li, Shui-Xue; Kadier, Abudushataer; Keyoumu, Hanikezi; Liu, Dong: Analysis of the Components of 236 Cases of Urinary Stones in Xinjiang Uyghur Children
Moesch, Michèle; Usemann, Jakob; Bruder, Elisabeth; Romero, Philipp; Schwab, Constantin; Niesler, Beate; Tapia-Laliena, Maria Angeles; Khasanov, Rasul; Nisar, Tauseef; Study Group NIG Retro; Holland-Cunz, Stefan; Keck, Simone: Associations of Mucosal Nerve Fiber Innervation Density with Hirschsprung-Associated Enterocolitis: A Retrospective Three-Center Cohort Study
Sondermann, Stefan; Bäumer, Tobias; Suss, Joachim; Bohn, Boy; Fieseler, Katharina; Schramm, Peter; Tueshaus, Ludger; Boppel, Tobias: Detection of Traumatic and Postoperative Nerve Lesions following Upper Extremity Fractures in a Pediatric Cohort Using MR Neurography

Letter to the Editor

Upadhyaya, V.D.; Pandey, A.; Gangopadhyay, A.N.: Sparing the Perineal Body in the Vestibular Fistula
Badillo, Andrea; Tiusaba, Laura; Jacobs, Shimon Eric; Al-Shamaileh, Tamador; Feng, Christina; Russell, Teresa Lynn; Bokova, Elizaveta; Sandler, Anthony; Levitt, Marc A.: Response to: Sparing the Perineal Body, A Modification of the Posterior Sagittal Anorectoplasty (PSARP) for Anorectal Malformations with Rectovestibular Fistulae