DOI: 10.1055/s-00000054


Issue 02 · Volume 57 · March 2024 DOI: 10.1055/s-014-59266 Abstracts of the XVth Symposium of the Task Force Therapeutic Drug ...


Monteith, Scott; Glenn, Tasha; Geddes, John R.; Whybrow, Peter C.; Achtyes, Eric D.; Bauer, Michael: Implications of Online Self-Diagnosis in Psychiatry

Original Paper

Specka, Michael; Bonnet, Udo; Schmidberg, Lisa; Wichmann, Julian; Keller, Martin; Scholze, Christian; Scherbaum, Norbert: Effectiveness of Medical Cannabis for the Treatment of Depression: A Naturalistic Outpatient Study
Scherf-Clavel, Maike; Weber, Heike; Unterecker, Stefan; Frantz, Amelie; Eckert, Andreas; Reif, Andreas; Deckert, Jürgen; Hahn, Martina: The Relevance of Integrating CYP2C19 Phenoconversion Effects into Clinical Pharmacogenetics

Letter to the Editor

Sahnoun, Dhouha; Ghanmi, Ahlem; Gazzeh, Soumaya; Saguem, Bochra; Slim, Raoudha; Nakhli, Jaafar; Ben Salem, Chaker: Risperidone-Induced Leukoneutropenia: Evidence from a Positive Rechallenge and Review of the Literature