DOI: 10.1055/s-00029352

Journal of Reconstructive Microsurgery Open

Issue 01 · Volume 09 · January 2024 DOI: 10.1055/s-014-59027

Original Article

Susanto, Benedictus A.; Aurelie, Nadine; Nathaniel, William; Atmodiwirjo, Parintosa; Ramadan, Mohamad R.; Djohan, Risal: Conventional and Robot-Assisted Microvascular Anastomosis: Systematic Review
Hassan, Bashar; Brown, Madyson; Guo, Lily; Ascha, Mona; Jedrzejewski, Breanna; Cohen, Andrew; Corral, Gabriel Del; Liang, Fan: Complications Following Gender-Affirming Phalloplasty: A NSQIP Review
Lovětínská, Vanesa; Sukop, Andrej; Sulženko, Jakub; Hora, Adam; Patzelt, Matěj; Kožnar, Boris; Kovačič, Karol; Kamenistý, Michal; Kučerák, Jozef: Stable Arterial Perforators Mapping in Lower Leg Using Color-Coded Doppler Sonography, Acoustic Doppler, and Thermal Imaging Camera in Patients Undergoing Digital Subtraction Angiography
Bustos, Valeria P.; Elmer, Nicholas; Veeramani, Anamika; Comer, Carly D.; Kinney, JacqueLyn R.; Manstein, Samuel M.; Hassell, Natalie; Lee, Bernard T.; Lin, Samuel J.: Trends of Microsurgical Head and Neck Free Flap Reconstruction and Safety during the COVID-19 Pandemic
O'Beirne, Alex; Cullen, Jaslyn; Landao-Bassonga, Euphemie; Zheng, Monica; Lee, Clair; Kaluskar, Priya; Tai, Andrew; Zheng, Minghao: Reconstruction of Upper Extremity Peripheral Nerve Injuries Using an Epineurial-Like Collagen Device—A Prospective Clinical Study
Temple-Oberle, Claire F.; Harrop, A. Robertson; Webb, Carmen E.; Somerville, Susan G.: Gathering Dust—Resistance to Simulator-based Deliberate Practice in Microsurgical Training

Case Report

Oleck, Nicholas C.; Erdmann, Ralph F.; Ravindra, Kadiyala V.; Sudan, Debra L.; Phillips, Brett T.; Mithani, Suhail K.; Erdmann, Detlev; Atia, Andrew: Synchronous Abdominal Wall and Small Bowel Transplantation: Critical Insights at 4-Year Follow-up