DOI: 10.1055/s-00000029

Journal of Reconstructive Microsurgery

Issue 06 · Volume 37 · July 2021 DOI: 10.1055/s-011-51076

Review Article

Spörlein, Andreas; Will, Patrick A.; Kilian, Katja; Gazyakan, Emre; Sacks, Justin M.; Kneser, Ulrich; Hirche, Christoph: Lymphatic Tissue Engineering: A Further Step for Successful Lymphedema Treatment

Original Article

Marchi, Filippo; Kang, Shih Ching; Cheong, David Chon Fok; Hung, Shao Yu; Wang, Szu Han; Chiu, Ting Han; Chen, Yu Ting; Tsao, Chung Kan: The Benefits of the Supercharged Ileocolic Flap in Patients Who Underwent Total Esophagectomy and Gastrectomy
Messa, Charles A.; Carney, Martin J.; Tantillo, Kristopher; Othman, Sammy; Moores, Craig; Mirzabeigi, Michael N.; Weissler, Jason M.; Cook, Tessa; Kovach, Stephen J.: Characteristics of the Superficial Circumflex Iliac Artery Perforator Flap in a Western Population and a Practice Approach for Free Flap Reconstruction
Boecker, Arne; Kornmann, Jonas; Xiong, Lingyun; Harhaus, Leila; Aman, Martin; Koepple, Christoph; Fischer, Sebastian; Will, Patrick A.; Kneser, Ulrich; Hirche, Christoph: A Structured, Microsurgical Training Curriculum Improves the Outcome in Lower Extremity Reconstruction Free Flap Residency Training: The Ludwigshafen Concept
Chen, Lisa Wen-Yu; Goh, Mei; Goh, Raymond; Chao, Yin-Kai; Huang, Jung-Ju; Kuo, Wen-Ling; Sung, Cheyenne Wei-Hsuan; Chuieng-Yi Lu, Johnny; Chuang, David Chwei-Chin; Chang, Tommy Nai-Jen: Robotic-Assisted Peripheral Nerve Surgery: A Systematic Review
Albano, Nicholas J.; Zeng, Weifeng; Lin, Christie; Uselmann, Adam J.; Eliceiri, Kevin W.; Poore, Samuel O.: Augmentation of Chicken Thigh Model with Fluorescence Imaging Allows for Real-Time, High Fidelity Assessment in Supermicrosurgery Training
Kim, Geunwon; Johnson, Anna Rose; Hamaguchi, Ryoko; Adondakis, Michael; Tsai, Leo L.; Singhal, Dhruv: Breast Cancer-Related Lymphedema: Magnetic Resonance Imaging Evidence of Sparing Centered Along the Cephalic Vein
Wang, Kuan-Ying; Liu, Wen-Chung; Chen, Chun-Feng; Chen, Lee-Wei; Chen, Hung-Chi; Yang, Kuo-Chung: Osteomyocutaneous Free Fibula Flap Prevents Osteoradionecrosis and Osteomyelitis in Head and Neck Cancer Reconstruction
Shammas, Ronnie L.; Marks, Caitlin E.; Broadwater, Gloria; Le, Elliot; Glener, Adam D.; Sergesketter, Amanda R.; Cason, Roger W.; Rezak, Kristen M.; Phillips, Brett T.; Hollenbeck, Scott T.: The Effect of Lavender Oil on Perioperative Pain, Anxiety, Depression, and Sleep after Microvascular Breast Reconstruction: A Prospective, Single-Blinded, Randomized, Controlled Trial
Ogawa, Haruo; Kusumoto, Junya; Nomura, Tadashi; Hashikawa, Kazunobu; Terashi, Hiroto; Sakakibara, Shunsuke: Wire Myography for Continuous Estimation of the Optimal Concentration of Topical Lidocaine as a Vasodilator in Microsurgery