DOI: 10.1055/s-00000009

American Journal of Perinatology

Issue 01 · Volume 38 · January 2021 DOI: 10.1055/s-010-50103

SMFM Fellowship Series Article

Ausbeck, Elizabeth B.; Blanchard, Christina; Tita, Alan T.; Szychowski, Jeff M.; Harper, Lorie: Perinatal Outcomes in Women with a History of Recurrent Pregnancy Loss
Chu Lam, Melissa T.; Schmidt-Beuchat, Emily; Geduldig, Emma; Brustman, Lois E.; Choi, Katie Hyewon; Overbey, Jessica R.; Woods, Krystina L.; Al-Ibraheemi, Zainab: What Is the Prevalence of Measles Immunity among Pregnant Women?

Original Article

Battarbee, Ashley N.; Cavallini, Maximiliano; Keller, Catherine; Boggess, Kim A.: Missed Opportunities for Early Diabetes Screening in Pregnancy
Coulson, Carol C.; Lorencz, Erin; Rittenhouse, Katelyn; Ramage, Melinda; Lorenz, Kathleen; Galvin, Shelley L.: Association of Maternal Buprenorphine or Methadone Dose with Fetal Growth Indices and Neonatal Abstinence Syndrome
Lentz, Eric J.M.; Park, Alison L.; Langlois, Alec W.R.; Huang, Tianhua; Meschino, Wendy S.; Ray, Joel G.: Risk of Severe Maternal Morbidity or Death in Relation to Prenatal Biochemical Screening: Population-Based Cohort Study
Douglass, K. Marie; Strobel, Katie M.; Richley, Michael; Mok, Thalia; de St Maurice, Annabelle; Fajardo, Viviana; Young, Andrew T.; Rao, Rashmi; Lee, Lydia; Benharash, Peyman; Chu, Alison; Afshar, Yalda: Maternal-Neonatal Dyad Outcomes of Maternal COVID-19 Requiring Extracorporeal Membrane Support: A Case Series
Futterman, Itamar; Rosenfeld, Emily; Toaff, Miriam; Boucher, Taryn; Golden-Espinal, Samantha; Evans, Kamilah; Clare, Camille A.: Addressing Disparities in Prenatal Care via Telehealth During COVID-19: Prenatal Satisfaction Survey in East Harlem

Short Communication

Ahmad, Kaashif A.; Darcy-Mahoney, Ashley; Kelleher, Amy S.; Ellsbury, Dan L.; Tolia, Veeral N.; Clark, Reese H.: Longitudinal Survey of COVID-19 Burden and Related Policies in U.S. Neonatal Intensive Care Units