DOI: 10.1055/s-00000169

American Journal of Perinatology Reports

Issue 02 · Volume 10 · April 2020 DOI: 10.1055/s-010-46334

Case Report

Saleh, Mona; Kim, Antonia Francis; Gardner, Andrew; Sun, Katherine; Brubaker, Sara: Peritoneovaginal Fistula and Appendicitis-Related Pelvic Abscess in Pregnancy
Sankaran, Deepika; Chandrasekharan, Praveen K.; Rawat, Munmun: Perinatal Hypophosphatasia in a Premature Infant
Nguyen, Michelle T.; Hayes-Bautista, Teodocia Maria; Hsu, Paul; Bragg, Christina; Chopin, Irving; Shaw, Kathryn J.: Applying a Prediction Model for Vaginal Birth after Cesarean to a Latina Inner-City Population
Sinkey, Rachel G.; Rajapreyar, Indranee; Robbins, Lindsay S.; Dionne-Odom, Jodie; Pogwizd, Steven M.; Casey, Brian M.; Tita, Alan T.N.: Heart Failure with Preserved Ejection Fraction in a Postpartum Patient with Superimposed Preeclampsia and COVID-19
Silverstein, Jenna S.; Limaye, Meghana A.; Brubaker, Sara G.; Roman, Ashley S.; Bautista, Judita; Chervenak, Judith; Ratner, Adam J.; Sommer, Philip M.; Roselli, Nicole M.; Gibson, Charlisa D.; Ellenberg, David; Penfield, Christina A.: Acute Respiratory Decompensation Requiring Intubation in Pregnant Women with SARS-CoV-2 (COVID-19)
Futterman, Itamar; Toaff, Miriam; Navi, Liel; Clare, Camille A.: COVID-19 and HELLP: Overlapping Clinical Pictures in Two Gravid Patients
Bok, Serin M.; Carmona, Gabriela E. Pena; Crawford, Jake; Eskander, Ramy; Desai, Mina; Ross, Michael G.: Redefining Second Stage of Labor: Number of Pushing Contractions

Original Article

Gei, Alfredo F; Mastache, Jorge Suarez; Pacheco, Luis D.; Villanueva, Mariana: The Carit Maneuver: A Novel Approach for the Relief of Shoulder Dystocia—A Case Series