DOI: 10.1055/s-00035024

Thrombosis and Haemostasis

Issue 03 · Volume 51 · 1984 DOI: 10.1055/s-009-45124

Original Article

Semple, M J; Al-Hasani, S F; Kioy, P; Savidge, G F: A Double-Blind Trial of Ticlopidine in Sickle Cell Disease
Winocour, P D; Laimins, M; Colwell, J A: Platelet Survival in Streptozotocin-Induced Diabetic Rats
Watanabe, J; Umeda, F; Wakasugi, H; Ibayashi, H: Effect of Vitamin E on Platelet Aggregation in Diabetes Mellitus
MacGregor, I R; Dawes, J; Paton, L; Pepper, D S; Prowse, C V; Smith, M: Metabolism of Sodium Pentosan Polysulphate in Man – Catabolism of Iodinated Derivatives
Vicente, V; Maia, R; Alberca, I; Tamagnim, G P T; Borrasca, A Lopez: Congenital Deficiency of Vitamin K-Dependent Coagulation Factors and Protein C
Cordova, C; Musca, A; Violi, F; Alessandri, C; Ghiselli, A; Iuliano, L; Balsano, F: Influence of Vitamin E on Plasma Malondialdehyde- Like Material in Man
Caranobe, C; Sié, P; Fernandez, F; Pris, J; Moatti, S; Boneu, B: Abnormal Platelet Serotonin Uptake and Binding Sites in Myeloproliferative Disorders
Bechtold, H; Andrassy, K; Jähnchen, E; Koderisch, J; Koderisch, H; Weilemann, L S; Sonntag, H-G; Ritz, E: Evidence for Impaired Hepatic Vitamin K1 Metabolism in Patients Treated with N-Methyl-Thiotetrazole Cephalosporins
Barrett, P A; Butler, K D; Morley, J; Page, C P; Paul, W; White, A M: Inhibition by Heparin of Platelet Accumulation In Vivo
Morgan, Kangathevy; Schiffman, Sandra; Feinstein, Donald: Acquired Factor XI Inhibitors in Two Patients with Hereditary Factor XI Deficiency
Dix, Clive J; Hassall, David G; Bruckdorfer, K Richard: The Increased Sensitivity of Platelets to Prostacyclin in Marathon Runners
Sixma, Jan J; van den Berg, Agnes; Schiphorst, Marion; Geuze, Hans J; McDonagh, Jan: Immunocytochemical Localization of Albumin and Factor XIII in Thin Cryo Sections of Human Blood Platelets
Verheijen, J H; Rijken, D C; Chang, G T G; Preston, F E; Kluft, C: Modulation of Rapid Plasminogen Activator Inhibitor in Plasma by Stanozolol

Letter to the Editor

Niiya, Kenji; Mitani, Masaaki; Taguchi, Hirokuni; Hirose, Shohzo; Yamato, Kenji; Fujishita, Masatoshi; Yoshimoto, Shizuo; Kubonishi, Ichiro; Miyoshi, Isao: Hypercoagulable State Induced by Combination Chemotherapy in Patients with Acute Leukemia
Davi’, G; Novo, S; Gullotti, D; Avellone, G; Sofia, M A; Strano, A: Sulfinpyrazone and Platelet Function in Hypertensive Patients
Mohanty, D; Ghosh, K; Marwaha, N; Kaur, S; Chauhan, A P; Das, K C: Major Blood Group Antigens - A Determinant of Factor VIII Levels in Blood?