DOI: 10.1055/s-00000161

The Journal of Knee Surgery

Issue 06 · Volume 32 · June 2019 DOI: 10.1055/s-009-43209

Original Article

Sabeh, Karim G.; Rosas, Samuel; Buller, Leonard T.; Freiberg, Andrew A.; Emory, Cynthia L.; Roche, Martin W.: The Impact of Medical Comorbidities on Primary Total Knee Arthroplasty Reimbursements
Cucchi, Davide; Menon, Alessandra; Zanini, Beatrice; Compagnoni, Riccardo; Ferrua, Paolo; Randelli, Pietro: Patient-Specific Instrumentation Affects Perioperative Blood Loss in Total Knee Arthroplasty
Ochiai, Satoshi; Hagino, Tetsuo; Senga, Shinya; Yamashita, Takashi; Haro, Hirotaka: Treatment Outcome of Reconstruction for Isolated Posterior Cruciate Injury: Subjective and Objective Evaluations
Baldassarri, Matteo; Perazzo, Luca; Ghinelli, Diego; Ricciarelli, Marco; Pilla, Federico; Buda, Roberto: Return to Sport after ACL Surgery: A Comparison between Two Different Reconstructive Techniques
Smith, Patrick A.; Bozynski, Chantelle C.; Kuroki, Keiichi; Henrich, Sarah M.; Wijdicks, Coen A.; Cook, James L.: Intra-Articular Biocompatibility of Multistranded, Long-Chain Polyethylene Suture Tape in a Canine ACL Model
Zappia, Marcello; Oliva, Francesco; Chianca, Vito; Di Pietto, Francesco; Maffulli, Nicola: Sonographic Evaluation of the Anterolateral Ligament of the Knee: A Cadaveric Study
Bodendorfer, Blake M.; Keeling, Laura E.; Michaelson, Evan M.; Shu, Henry T.; Apseloff, Nicholas A.; Spratt, James D.; Malone, Patrick S.; Argintar, Evan H.: Predictors of Knee Arthrofibrosis and Outcomes after Arthroscopic Lysis of Adhesions following Ligamentous Reconstruction: A Retrospective Case–Control Study with Over Two Years' Average Follow-Up
Trofa, David P.; Parisien, Robert L.; Noticewala, Manish S.; Noback, Peter C.; Ahmad, Christopher S.; Moutzouros, Vasilios; Makhni, Eric C.: Quality and Variability of Online Physical Therapy Protocols for Isolated Meniscal Repairs
Arikupurathu, Oommen Mathew; Johnston, Linda; MacInnes, Alasdair; Nicol, Graeme; Nassif, Manhal: Medium- to Long-Term Results of the Nexgen Legacy Posterior Stabilized Fixed-Bearing Knee Replacement
Worley, John R.; Brimmo, Olubusola; Nuelle, Clayton W.; Cook, James L.; Stannard, James P.: Incidence of Concurrent Peroneal Nerve Injury in Multiligament Knee Injuries and Outcomes after Knee Reconstruction
Takahashi, Tsuneari; Kimura, Masashi; Hagiwara, Keiichi; Ohsawa, Takashi; Takeshita, Katsushi: The Effect of Remnant Tissue Preservation in Anatomic Double-Bundle ACL Reconstruction on Knee Stability and Graft Maturation