DOI: 10.1055/s-00000068

Seminars in Interventional Radiology

Issue 04 · Volume 35 · October 2018 DOI: 10.1055/s-008-41808 Musculoskeletal Interventions Guest Editor, Frederic Deschamps, MD, PhD

Post-Test Questions

Review Article

Filippiadis, Dimitrios K.; Charalampopoulos, George; Mazioti, Argyro; Keramida, Kalliopi; Kelekis, Alexis: Bone and Soft-Tissue Biopsies: What You Need to Know
Buy, Xavier; Catena, Vittorio; Roubaud, Guilhem; Crombe, Amandine; Kind, Michèle; Palussiere, Jean: Image-Guided Bone Consolidation in Oncology
Deschamps, Frederic; Yevich, Steven; Gravel, Guillaume; Roux, Charles; Hakime, Antoine; de Baère, Thierry; Tselikas, Lambros: Percutaneous Fixation by Internal Cemented Screw for the Treatment of Unstable Osseous Disease in Cancer Patients
Petrover, David; Hakime, Antoine; Silvera, Jonathan; Richette, Pascal; Nizard, Rémy: Ultrasound-Guided Surgery for Carpal Tunnel Syndrome: A New Interventional Procedure
Amoretti, Nicolas; Gallo, Giacomo; Nicolas, Stacoffe; Federico, Torre; Theumann, Nicolas; Guinebert, Sylvain; Thouvenin, Yann; Cornelis, François; Hauger, Olivier: Contained Herniated Lumbar Disc: CT- and Fluoroscopy-Guided Automated Percutaneous Discectomy—A Revival
Scipione, Roberto; Anzidei, Michele; Bazzocchi, Alberto; Gagliardo, Cesare; Catalano, Carlo; Napoli, Alessandro: HIFU for Bone Metastases and other Musculoskeletal Applications
Yevich, Steven; Tselikas, Lambros; Gravel, Guillaume; de Baère, Thierry; Deschamps, Frederic: Percutaneous Cement Injection for the Palliative Treatment of Osseous Metastases: A Technical Review
Mastier, Charles; Gjorgjievska, Ana; Thivolet, Arnaud; Bouhamama, Amine; Cuinet, Marie; Pilleul, Franck; Tselikas, Lambros; de Baère, Thierry; Deschamps, Frederic: Musculoskeletal Metastases Management: The Interventional Radiologist's Toolbox
Marcia, Stefano; Zini, Chiara; Hirsch, Joshua A.; Chandra, Ronil V.; Bellini, Matteo: Steroids Spinal Injections
Moynagh, Michael R.; Kurup, A. Nicholas; Callstrom, Matthew R.: Thermal Ablation of Bone Metastases
Bousson, Valérie; Hamze, Bassam; Odri, Guillaume; Funck-Brentano, Thomas; Orcel, Philippe; Laredo, Jean-Denis: Percutaneous Vertebral Augmentation Techniques in Osteoporotic and Traumatic Fractures
Koch, Guillaume; Cazzato, Roberto Luigi; Gilkison, Andrew; Caudrelier, Jean; Garnon, Julien; Gangi, Afshin: Percutaneous Treatments of Benign Bone Tumors

How I Do It

Wadhwa, Vibhor; Srinivasa, Ravi N.; Cooper, Kyle J.; Hage, Anthony N.; Bundy, Jacob J.; Spencer, Brooke; Vadlamudi, Venu; Chick, Jeffrey Forris Beecham: Endovascular Therapy for Lower Extremity Chronic Deep Venous Occlusive Disease: State of Practice
Bittman, Ross W.; Friedberg, Eric B.; Fleishon, Howard B.; Prologo, J. David: Global Approach to the Patient with Pain in Interventional Radiology

Trainee Corner

Morbidity and Mortality

McDowell, Benjamin; Bremer, William; Ray, Charles E.: A Complication of Ultrasound-Guided Inferior Vena Cava Filter Placement
Brown, Matthew; Schramm, Kristofer; Ryu, Robert; Johnson, D. Thor: Pulmonary Complication following Drug-Eluting Bead Hepatic Chemoembolization