DOI: 10.1055/s-00000009

American Journal of Perinatology

Issue 04 · Volume 35 · March 2018 DOI: 10.1055/s-008-39276

SMFM Fellowship Series Article

Washburn, Erin E.; Sparks, Teresa N.; Gosnell, Kristen A.; Rand, Larry; Gonzalez, Juan M.; Feldstein, Vickie A.: Polyhydramnios Affecting a Recipient-like Twin: Risk of Progression to Twin–Twin Transfusion Syndrome and Outcomes

Review Article

Original Article

Raghuraman, Nandini; Temming, Lorene A.; Stout, Molly J.; Macones, George A.; Cahill, Alison G.; Tuuli, Methodius G.: Umbilical Cord Oxygen Content and Neonatal Morbidity at Term
Fleishman, Rachel; Mossabeb, Roschanak; Menkiti, Ogechukwu; Young, Megan; Bains, Vidhy; Cooperberg, David: Transition to Routine Premedication for Nonemergent Intubations in a Level IV Neonatal Intensive Care Unit
Easter, Sarah Rae; Robinson, Julian N.; Carusi, Daniela; Little, Sarah E.: The U.S. Twin Delivery Volume and Association with Cesarean Delivery Rates: A Hospital-Level Analysis
Singh, Jasbir; Reddy, Uma M.; Huang, Chun-Chih; Driggers, Rita W.; Landy, Helain J.; Grantz, Katherine L.: Racial/Ethnic Differences in Labor Induction in a Contemporary US Cohort: A Retrospective Cohort Study
Scoble, Jennifer A.; Smilowitz, Jennifer T.; Argov-Argaman, Nurit; German, J. Bruce; Underwood, Mark A.: Plasma Lipoprotein Particle Subclasses in Preterm Infants
Purisch, Stephanie E.; Turitz, Amy L.; Elovitz, Michal A.; Levine, Lisa D.: The Effect of Prior Term Birth on Risk of Recurrent Spontaneous Preterm Birth
Williams, Sadie L.; Leonard, Matthew; Hall, Eric S.; Perez, Jose; Wessel, Jacqueline; Kingma, Paul S.: Evaluation of Early Onset Sepsis, Complete Blood Count, and Antibiotic Use in Gastroschisis
Shields, Laurence E.; Walker, Suzan; Hedriana, Herman L.; Wiesner, Suzanne; Pelletreau, Barbara; Hitti, Jane; Benedetti, Thomas J.: A Comparison of the Nulliparous-Term-Singleton-Vertex and Society of Maternal–Fetal Medicine Cesarean Birth Metrics Based on Hospital Size
Richards, Douglas S.; Wong, Luchin F.; Esplin, M. Sean; Collingridge, Dave S.: Anticipatory Corticosteroid Administration to Asymptomatic Women with a Short Cervix
Bibbo, Carolina; Rouse, Caroline E.; Cantonwine, David E.; Little, Sarah E.; McElrath, Thomas F.; Robinson, Julian N.: Angle of Progression on Ultrasound in the Second Stage of Labor and Spontaneous Vaginal Delivery