DOI: 10.1055/s-00035037

Methods of Information in Medicine

Issue 05 · Volume 49 · 2010 DOI: 10.1055/s-008-37494


Original Articles

Breitung, J.; Chaganty, N. R.; Daniel, R. M.; Kenward, M. G.; Lechner, M.; Martus, P.; Sabo, R. T.; Wang, Y.-G.; Zorn, C.: Discussion of “Generalized Estimating Equations: Notes on the Choice of the Working Correlation Matrix”

Special Topic – Original Articles

González-Camarena, R.; Charleston-Villalobos, S.; Angeles-Olguín, A.; Aljama-Corrales, T.: Imaging the Thoracic Distribution of Normal Breath Sounds
Mijović, B.; Silva, M.; Bergh, Van den B. R. H.; Allegaert, K.; Aerts, J. M.; Berckmans, D.; Huffel, Van S.: Assessment of Pain Expression in Infant Cry Signals Using Empirical Mode Decomposition
Kishi, A.; Yasuda, H.; Matsumoto, T.; Inami, Y.; Horiguchi, J.; Struzik, Z. R.; Yamamoto, Y.: Sleep Stage Transitions in Healthy Humans Altered by Central Monoaminergic Antagonist
Helland, V. C. Figueroa; Gapelyuk, A.; Suhrbier, A.; Riedl, M.; Penzel, T.; Kurths, J.; Wessel, N.: Investigation of an Automatic Sleep Stage Classification by Means of Multiscorer Hypnogram
Deburchgraeve, W.; Cherian, P. J.; Vos, M. De; Swarte, R. M.; Blok, J. H.; Visser, G. H.; Govaert, P.; Huffel, S. Van: Time Varying Neonatal Seizure Localization
Bianchi, A. M.; Mendez, M. O.; Ferrario, M.; Ferini-Strambi, L.; Cerutti, S.: Long-term Correlations and Complexity Analysis of the Heart Rate Variability Signal during Sleep
Leistritz, L.; Weiss, T.; Ionov, J.; Bär, K.-J.; Miltner, W. H. R.; Witte, H.: Connectivity Analysis of Somatosensory Evoked Potentials in Patients with Major Depression
Taelman, J.; Deburchgraeve, W.; Van Damme, K.; Adriaensen, T.; Spaepen, A.; Van Huffel, S.: Detection Algorithm for Single Motor Unit Firing in Surface EMG of the Trapezius Muscle
Vallais, F.; Porta, A.; Lucini, D.; Pagani, M.; Aletti, F.; Baselli, G.: Interferences between Baroreflex and Respiration
Porta, A.; Catai, A. M.; Takahashi, A. C. M.; Magagnin, V.; Bassani, T.; Tobaldini, E.; Montano, N.: Information Transfer through the Spontaneous Baroreflex in Healthy Humans
Corino, V. D. A.; Belletti, S.; Terranova, P.; Lombardi, F.; Mainardi, L. T.: Heart Rate and Systolic Blood Pressure in Patients with Persistent Atrial Fibrillation
Di Rienzo, M.; Castiglioni, P.; Rizzo, F.; Faini, A.; Mazzoleni, P.; Lombardi, C.; Meriggi, P.; Parati, G.; the HIGHCARE investigators; on behalf of: Linear and Fractal Heart Rate Dynamics during Sleep at High Altitude
Karch, D.; Wochner, K.; Kim, K.; Philippi, H.; Hadders-Algra, M.; Pietz, J.; Dickhaus, H.: Quantitative Score for the Evaluation of Kinematic Recordings in Neuropediatric Diagnostics
Bernardi, E. De; Gallotta, F. Fiorani; Gianoli, C.; Zito, F.; Gerundini, P.; Baselli, G.: ML Segmentation Strategies for Object Interference Compensation in FDG-PET Lesion Quantification