DOI: 10.1055/s-00035024

Thrombosis and Haemostasis

Issue 08 · Volume 84 · 2000 DOI: 10.1055/s-008-36055


Rapid Communications

Sijens, Paul E.; van Ingen, Huub E.; van Beek, Edwin J. R.; Berghout, Arie; Oudkerk, Matthijs: Rapid ELISA Assay for Plasma D-Dimer in the Diagnosis of Segmental and Subsegmental Pulmonary Embolism

Review Article

Sadler, J. E.; Mannucci, P. M.; Berntorp, E.; Bochkov, N.; Boulyjenkov, V.; Ginsburg, D.; Meyer, D.; Peake, I.; Rodeghiero, F.; Srivastava, A.: Impact, Diagnosis and Treatment of von Willebrand Disease
Veyradier, Agnès; Jenkins, Charles S. P.; Fressinaud, Edith; Meyer, Dominique: Acquired von Willebrand Syndrome: from Pathophysiology to Management
Aukrust, P.; Bjørnsen, S.; Lunden, B.; Otterdal, K.; Ng, E. C.; Ameln, W.; Ueland, T.; Müller, F.; Solum, N. O.; Brosstad, F.; Frøland, S. S.: Persistently Elevated Levels of von Willebrand Factor Antigen in HIV Infection
Hilbert, L.; Jenkins, P. V.; Gaucher, C.; Meriane, E.; Collins, P. W.; Pasi, K. J.; Mazurier, C.: Type 2M vWD Resulting from a Lysine Deletion within a Four Lysine Residue Repeat in the A1 Loop of von Willebrand Factor
Newby, David E.; Stewart, Andrew; Witherow, Fraser N.; Grieve, Susan; Dawson, Pamela; Fox, Keith A. A.; Webb, David J.; Ludlam, Christopher A.: Local and Systemic Effects of Intra-arterial Desmopressin in Healthy Volunteers and Patients with Type 3 von Willebrand Disease
Sakai, Hiroyuki; Goto, Shinya; Kim, Jae-Young; Aoki, Naoto; Abe, Sumihisa; Ichikawa, Noriko; Yoshida, Minako; Nagaoka, Yuta; Handa, Shunnosuke: Plasma Concentration of von Willebrand Factor in Acute Myocardial Infarction
Wedzicha, Jadwiga A.; Seemungal, Terence A. R.; MacCallum, Peter K.; Paul, Elizabeth A.; Donaldson, Gavin C.; Bhowmik, Angshu; Jeffries, Donald J.; Meade, Thomas W.: Acute Exacerbations of Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease Are Accompanied by Elevations of Plasma Fibrinogen and Serum IL-6 Levels
Begbie, Megan; Notley, Colleen; Tinlin, Shawn; Sawyer, Lisa; Lillicrap, David: The Factor VIII Acute Phase Response Requires the Participation of NFκB and C/EBP
Rigla, Mercedes; Mateo, Jose; Fontcuberta, Jordi; Souto, Juan Carlos; de Leiva, Alberto; Pérez, Antonio: Normalisation of Tissue Factor Pathway Inhibitor Activity after Glycaemic Control Optimisation in Type 1 Diabetic Patients
Gris, Jean-Christophe; Quéré, Isabelle; Sanmarco, Marielle; Boutiere, Brigitte; Mercier, Eric; Amiral, Jean; Hubert, Anne-Michèle; Ripart-Neveu, Sylvie; Hoffet, Méderic; Tailland, Marie-Laure; Rousseau, Olivier; Monpeyroux, Françoise; Dauzat, Michel; Sampol, José; Daures, Jean-Pierre; Berlan, Jacques; Marès, Pierre: Antiphospholipid and Antiprotein Syndromes in Non-thrombotic, Non-autoimmune Women with Unexplained Recurrent Primary Early Foetal Loss
Bruins, Peter; Velthuis, Henk te; Eerenberg-Belmer, Anke J. M.; Yazdanbakhsh, Aria P.; de Beaumont, Eddy M. F. H.; Eijsman, León; Trouwborst, Ad; Hack, Erik C.: Heparin-protamine Complexes and C-reactive Protein Induce Activation of the Classical Complement Pathway: Studies in Patients Undergoing Cardiac Surgery and In Vitro
Moatti, Didier; Haidar, Bassam; Fumeron, Frédéric; Gauci, Laurent; Boudvillain, Olivier; Seknadji, Patrick; Ollivier, Véronique; Aumont, Marie Claude; de Prost, Dominique: A New T-287C Polymorphism in the 5’ Regulatory Region of the Tissue Factor Pathway Inhibitor Gene
Peyvandi, Flora; Jenkins, Vincent P.; Mannucci, Pier M.; Billio, Atto; Zeinali, Sirous; Perkins, Stephen J.; Perry, David J.: Molecular Characterisation and Three-Dimensional Structural Analysis of Mutations in 21 Unrelated Families with Inherited Factor VII Deficiency
Marchi, Rita; Lundberg, Ulf; Grimbergen, Jos; Koopman, Jaap; Torres, Argimiro; de Bosch, Norma B.; Haverkate, Frits; Piñango, Carmen Luisa Arocha: Fibrinogen Caracas V, an Abnormal Fibrinogen with an Aα 532 Ser→Cys Substitution Associated with Thrombosis
Berry, Christopher N.; Lunven, Catherine; Lecoffre, Catherine; Lainée, Pierre; O’Connor, Stephen E.; André, Frédéric; Roger, Bénédicte; Garrigou-Gadenne, Danielle; Rouchouse, Alain; Roome, Nigel O.; Vivan, Nathalie: Anticoagulant Activity and Pharmacokinetic Properties of a Sub-cutaneously Administered Mixed Micellar Formulation of Argatroban in Experimental Animals
Berry, Christopher N.; Visconte, Catherine; Lecoffre, Catherine; Lochot, Sylvette; Girard, Denise: Activity of a Sub-cutaneously Administered Novel Mixed Micellar Formulation of Argatroban in Rat and Rabbit Models of Venous Thrombosis
Sjögren, Lena Selin; Gan, Liming; Doroudi, Roya; Jern, Christina; Jungersten, Lennart; Jern, Sverker: Fluid Shear Stress Increases the Intra-cellular Storage Pool of Tissue-type Plasminogen Activator in Intact Human Conduit Vessels
Yoshinaga, Haruhiko; Hirosawa, Shinsaku; Chung, Dong Hui; Miyasaka, Nobuyuki; Aoki, Nobuo; Favier, Remi: A Novel Point Mutation of the Splicing Donor Site in the Intron 2 of the Plasmin Inhibitor Gene
Poujol, Christel; Ramakrishnan, Vanitha; DeGuzman, Francis; Nurden, Alan T.; Phillips, David R.; Nurden, Paquita: Ultrastructural Analysis of Megakaryocytes in GPV Knockout Mice
Visseren, F. L. J.; Bouwman, J. J. M.; Bouter, K. P.; Diepersloot, R. J. A.; de Groot, Ph. G.; Erkelens, D. W.: Procoagulant Activity of Endothelial Cells after Infection with Respiratory Viruses
Wissink, M. J. B.; van Luyn, M. J. A.; Beernink, R.; Dijk, F.; Poot, A. A.; Engbers, G. H. M.; Beugeling, T.; van Aken, W. G.; Feijen, J.: Endothelial Cell Seeding on Crosslinked Collagen: Effects of Crosslinking on Endothelial Cell Proliferation and Functional Parameters
Tapon-Bretaudière, J.; Drouet, B.; Matou, S.; Mourão, P. A. S.; Bros, A.; Letourneur, D.; Fischer, A. M.: Modulation of Vascular Human Endothelial and Rat Smooth Muscle Cell Growth by a Fucosylated Chondroitin Sulfate from Echinoderm

Scientific and Standardization Committee Communication

Federici, Augusto B.; Rand, Jacob H.; Bucciarelli, Paolo; Budde, Ulrich; van Genderen, Perry J. J.; Mohri, Hiroshi; Meyer, Dominique; Rodeghiero, Francesco; Sadler, Evan J.: Acquired von Willebrand Syndrome: Data from an International Registry

Letters to the Editor

Castaman, Giancarlo; Eikenboom, Jeroen C. J.; Contri, Antonella; Rodeghiero, Francesco: Pregnancy in Women with Type 1 von Willebrand Disease Caused by Heterozygosity for von Willebrand Factor Mutation C1130F
Herzog, Roland W.; Arrada, Valder R.; Fisher, Thomas H.; Read, Marjorie S.; Nichols, Timothy C.; High, Katherine A.: Absence of Circulating Factor IX Antigen in Hemophilia B Dogs of the UNC-Chapel Hill Colony
Gurgey, Aytemiz; Kudayarov, Duyshe K.; Tuncer, Murat; Parlak, Hulya; Altay, Cigdem: The Factor V Leiden and Prothrombin G20210A Mutations in Kirghiz Population
Giltay, Erik J.; Gooren, Louis J. G.; Emeis, Jef J.; Kooistra, Teake; Stehouwer, Coen D. A.: Oral Ethinyl Estradiol, but not Transdermal 17β-estradiol, Increases Plasma C-reactive Protein Levels in Men
Castro, Vagner; Oliveira, Gislaine B.; Origa, Andrea F.; Anni-chino-Bizzacchi, Joyce M.; Arruda, Valder R.: The Human Platelet Alloantigen 5 Polymorphism as a Risk for the Development of Acute Idiopathic Thrombocytopenia Purpura