DOI: 10.1055/s-00035024

Thrombosis and Haemostasis

Current Issue 04 · Volume 99 · 2008 DOI: 10.1055/s-007-35418

Editorial Focus

Sheffield, William P.; Clarke, Bryan J.: Factor VIIa gets even bigger
Ahn, Yeon S.; Jy, Wenche; Horstman, Laurence L.; Jimenez, Joaquin J.: Cell-derived microparticles: A mediator of inflammation in aortic valve stenosis?

Blood Coagulation, Fibrinolysis and Cellular Haemostasis

Weimer, Thomas; Wormsbächer, Wilfried; Kronthaler, Ulrich; Lang, Wiegand; Liebing, Uwe; Schulte, Stefan: Prolonged in-vivo half-life of factor VIIa by fusion to albumin
Bagoly, Zsuzsa; Fazakas, Ferenc; Komáromi, István; Haramura, Gizella; Tóth, Eszter; Muszbek, László: Cleavage of factor XIII by human neutrophil elastase results in a novel active truncated form of factor XIII A subunit
Pieters, Marlien; Covic, Namukolo; van der Westhuizen, Francois H.; Nagaswami, Chandrasekaran; Baras, Yelena; Loots, Du Toit; Jerling, Johann C.; Elgar, Dale; Edmondson, Kathryn S.; van Zyl, Danie G.; Rheeder, Paul; Weisel, John W.: Glycaemic control improves fibrin network characteristics in type 2 diabetes – A purified fibrinogen model

Platelets and Blood Cells

Diehl, Philipp; Nagy, Ferenc; Sossong, Verena; Helbing, Thomas; Beyersdorf, Friedhelm; Olschewski, Manfred; Bode, Christoph; Moser, Martin: Increased levels of circulating microparticles in patients with severe aortic valve stenosis
Kirkeby, Agnete; Torup, Lars; Bochsen, Louise; Kjalke, Marianne; Abel, Kristin; Theilgaard-Monch, Kim; Johansson, Pär I.; Bjørn, Søren E.; Gerwien, Jens; Leist, Marcel: High-dose erythropoietin alters platelet reactivity and bleeding time in rodents in contrast to the neuroprotective variant carbamyl-erythropoietin (CEPO)

Endothelium and Vascular Development

Chang, Po-Chiao; Chang, Yu-Jia; Wu, Hua-Lin; Chang, Chin-Wei; Lin, Chung-I.; Wang, Wei-Chih; Shi, Guey-Yueh: Mutation of human plasminogen kringle 1–5 enhances antiangiogenic action via increased interaction with integrin αvβ3

Cardiovascular Biology and Cell Signalling

Wexberg, Paul; Jordanova, Nelli; Strehblow, Christoph; Syeda, Bonni; Meyer, Brigitte; Charvat, Silvia; Zorn, Gerlinde; Scheinig, Daniela; Wojta, Johann; Huber, Kurt; Glogar, Dietmar; Gyöngyösi, Mariann: Time course of prothrombotic and proinflammatory substance release after intracoronary stent implantation

Animal Models

Baxi, Sanjiv; Crandall, David L.; Meier, Thomas R.; Wrobleski, Shirley; Hawley, Angela; Farris, Diana; Elokdah, Hassan; Sigler, Robert; Schaub, Robert G.; Wakefield, Thomas; Myers, Daniel: Dose-dependent thrombus resolution due to oral plasminogen activator inhibitor (PAI)-1 inhibition with tiplaxtinin in a rat stenosis model of venous thrombosis
Karnicki, Krzysztof; Leadley, Robert J.; Baxi, Sangita; Peterson, Thomas; Wysokinski, Waldemar; McBane, Robert D.: Comparison of PD0348292, a selective factor Xa inhibitor, to antiplatelet agents for the inhibition of arterial thrombosis

New Technologies, Diagnostic Tools and Drugs

Duchemin, Jérôme; Pan-Petesch, Brigitte; Arnaud, Bertrand; Blouch, Marie-Thérèse; Abgrall, Jean-François: Influence of coagulation factors and tissue factor concentration on the thrombin generation test in plasma

Case Report

Theophilus, Bimal D. M.; Enayat, Mohammed S.; Green, Peter M.; Wilde, Jonathan T.; Hill, Frank G. H.: Unique heterozygous intron 22 inversion band pattern in a haemophilic male detected by long polymerase chain reaction (PCR)
Grimaldi, David; Bartolucci, Pablo; Gouault-Heilmann, Michele; Martin-Toutain, Isabelle; Khellaf, Mehdi; Godeau, Bertrand: Rituximab failure in a patient with monoclonal gammopathy of undetermined significance (MGUS)- associated acquired von Willebrand syndrome

Letters to the Editor

Brüggemann, Lois W.; Versteeg, Henri H.; Reitsma, Pieter H.; Spek, C. Arnold: High factor VIIa levels do not promote tumor metastasis
Marchetti, Giovanna; Lunghi, Barbara; Mazzoni, Gianni; Cini, Michela; Legnani, Cristina; Bernardi, Francesco: Influence of low-density lipoprotein (LDL) receptor-related protein and ABO blood group genotypes on factor XI levels
Långström, Satu; Rautiainen, Paula; Mildh, Leena; Peltola, Kaija; Wartiovaara-Kautto, Ulla; Heikinheimo, Markku; Petäjä, Jari: Thrombin regulation in neonates undergoing cardiopulmonary bypass
Couturaud, Francis; Leroyer, Christophe; Dominique Mottier for the Groupe d’Etude de la Thrombose de Bretagne Occidentale (G.E.T.B.O): Risk factors and clinical presentation of venous thromboembolism according to the age of relatives of patients with factor V Leiden
Westerweel, Peter E.; Rabelink, Ton J.; Rookmaaker, Maarten B.; Gröne, Hermann-Josef; Verhaar, Marianne C.: RANTES is required for ischaemia-induced angiogenesis, which may hamper RANTES-targeted anti-atherosclerotic therapy