DOI: 10.1055/s-00035024

Thrombosis and Haemostasis

Issue 05 · Volume 107 · 2012 DOI: 10.1055/s-007-35415

Invited Editorial Focus

Invited Clinical Focus

Review Article

Montes, Ramón; Puy, Cristina; Molina, Eva; Hermida, José: Is EPCR a multi-ligand receptor? Pros and cons
Tichelaar, Y. I. G. Vladimir; Kluin-Nelemans, Hanneke J. C.; Meijer, Karina: Infections and inflammatory diseases as risk factors for venous thrombosis
Huisman, Menno V.; Lip, Gregory Y. H.; Diener, Hans-Christoph; Brueckmann, Martina; van Ryn, Joanne; Clemens, Andreas: Dabigatran etexilate for stroke prevention in patients with atrial fibrillation: Resolving uncertainties in routine practice

Blood Coagulation, Fibrinolysis and Cellular Haemostasis

Rühl, Heiko; Müller, Jens; Harbrecht, Ursula; Fimmers, Rolf; Oldenburg, Johannes; Mayer, Günter; Pötzsch, Bernd: Thrombin inhibition profiles in healthy individuals and thrombophilic patients
Young, Laura K.; Birch, Nigel P.; Browett, Peter J.; Coughlin, Paul B.; Horvath, Anita J.; Van de Water, Neil S.; Ockelford, Paul A.; Harper, Paul L.: Two missense mutations identified in venous thrombosis patients impair the inhibitory function of the protein Z dependent protease inhibitor
Park, Rojin; Ping, Lifang; Song, Jaewoo; Hong, Sung-Yu; Choi, Tae-Youn; Choi, Jong-Rak; Gorkun, Oleg V.; Lord, Susan T.: Fibrinogen residue γAla341 is necessary for calcium binding and ‘A-a’ interactions
Gebhard, Cathérine; Holy, Erik W.; Camici, Giovanni G.; Akhmedov, Alexander; Stämpfli, Simon F.; Stähli, Barbara E.; von Rickenbach, Bettina; Breitenstein, Alexander; Greutert, Helen; Yang, Zhihong; Lüscher, Thomas F.; Tanner, Felix C.: Caffeine induces endothelial tissue factor expression via phosphatidylinositol 3-kinase inhibition
Baumert, Jens; Karakas, Mahir; Greven, Sonja; Rückerl, Regina; Peters, Annette; Koenig, Wolfgang: Variability of fibrinogen measurements in post-myocardial infarction patients
Tovar, Ana M. F.; Capillé, Nina V. M.; Santos, Gustavo R. C.; Vairo, Bruno C.; Oliveira, Stephan-Nicollas M. C. G.; Fonseca, Roberto J. C.; Mourão, Paulo A. S.: Heparin from bovine intestinal mucosa: Glycans with multiple sulfation patterns and anticoagulant effects
Barrett, Yu Chen; Wang, Jessie; Song, Yan; Pursley, Janice; Wastall, Philip; Wright, Robert; LaCreta, Frank; Frost, Charles: A randomised assessment of the pharmacokinetic, pharmacodynamic and safety interaction between apixaban and enoxaparin in healthy subjects
Salazar, Daniel E.; Mendell, Jeanne; Kastrissios, Helen; Green, Michelle; Carrothers, Timothy J.; Song, SaeHeum; Patel, Indravadan; Bocanegra, Tomas S.; Antman, Elliott M.; Giugliano, Robert P.; Kunitada, Satoshi; Dornseif, Bruce; Shi, Minggao; Tachibana, Masaya; Zhou, Simon; Rohatagi, Shashank: Modelling and simulation of edoxaban exposure and response relationships in patients with atrial fibrillation

Platelets and Blood Cells

Animal Models

Sen, Prosenjit; Clark, Curtis A.; Gopalakrishnan, Ramakrishnan; Hedner, Ulla; Esmon, Charles T.; Pendurthi, Usha R.; Rao, L. Vijaya Mohan: Factor VIIa binding to endothelial cell protein C receptor: Differences between mouse and human systems
Boulaftali, Yacine; Lamrani, Lamia; Rouzaud, Marie-Catherine; Loyau, Stéphane; Jandrot-Perrus, Martine; Bouton, Marie-Christine; Ho-Tin-Noé, Benoît: The mouse dorsal skinfold chamber as a model for the study of thrombolysis by intravital microscopy

New Technologies, Diagnostic Tools and Drugs

Douxfils, Jonathan; Mullier, François; Robert, Séverine; Chatelain, Christian; Chatelain, Bernard; Dogné, Jean-Michel: Impact of dabigatran on a large panel of routine or specific coagulation assays

Letters to the Editor

Warkentin, Theodore E.; Moore, Jane C.; Vogel, Susan; Sheppard, Jo-Ann I.; Warkentin, Nathan I.; Eikelboom, John W.: The serological profile of early-onset and persisting post-cardiac surgery thrombocytopenia complicated by “true” heparin-induced thrombocytopenia
Taguchi, Fumihiro; Yagi, Hideo; Matsumoto, Masanori; Sadamura, Shingo; Isonishi, Ayami; Soejima, Kenji; Fujimura, Yoshihiro: The homozygous p.C1024R-ADAMTS13 gene mutation links to a late-onset phenotype of Upshaw-Schulman syndrome in Japan
Jaffrelot, Morgan; Le Ven, Florent; Le Roux, Pierre-Yves; Tissot, Valentin; Rame, Estelle; Salaun, Pierre-Yves; Le Gal, Grégoire: External validation of a D-dimer age-adjusted cut-off for the exclusion of pulmonary embolism