DOI: 10.1055/s-00000028

International Journal of Sports Medicine

Issue 05 · Volume 37 · May 2016 DOI: 10.1055/s-006-31670

Physiology & Biochemistry

Shei, R.-J.; Thompson, K.; Chapman, R.; Raglin, J.; Mickleborough, T.: Using Deception to Establish a Reproducible Improvement in 4-Km Cycling Time Trial Performance
Brinkmann, C.; Hermann, R.; Rühl, E.; Kerzel, H.; Reinhardt, L.; Grau, M.; Latsch, J.; Kohl-Bareis, M.; Bloch, W.; Brixius, K.: Effects of Wearing Compression Stockings on the Physical Performance of T2DM Men with MetS

Training & Testing

O’Neill, D. C.; Cronin, O.; O’Neill, S. B.; Woods, T.; Keohane, D. M.; Molloy, M. G.; Falvey, E. C.: Application of a Sub-set of Skinfold Sites for Ultrasound Measurement of Subcutaneous Adiposity and Percentage Body Fat Estimation in Athletes

Orthopedics & Biomechanics

Thompson, M.; Seegmiller, J.; McGowan, C. P.: Impact Accelerations of Barefoot and Shod Running
Martínez-Martí, F.; González-Montesinos, J. L.; Morales, D. P.; Santos, J. R. F.; Castro-Piñero, J.; Carvajal, M. A.; Palma, A. J.: Validation of Instrumented Insoles for Measuring Height in Vertical Jump

Behavioural Sciences


Clinical Sciences

Shultz, S. P.; Houltham, S. D.; Kung, S. M.; Hume, P.; Fink, P. W.: Metabolic Differences Between Shod and Barefoot Walking in Children

Genetics & Molecular Biology

Miyamoto-Mikami, E.; Fujita, Y.; Murakami, H.; Ito, M.; Miyachi, M.; Kawahara, T.; Fuku, N.: CNTFR Genotype and Sprint/power Performance: Case-control Association and Functional Studies