DOI: 10.1055/s-00000025

Hormone and Metabolic Research

Issue 03 · Volume 48 · March 2016 DOI: 10.1055/s-006-31374

Endocrine Care

Crescenzi, A.; Trimboli, P.; Modica, D. C.; Taffon, C.; Guidobaldi, L.; Taccogna, S.; Rainer, A.; Trombetta, M.; Papini, E.; Zelano, G.: Preoperative Assessment of TERT Promoter Mutation on Thyroid Core Needle Biopsies Supports Diagnosis of Malignancy and Addresses Surgical Strategy
Wang, Y.-Y.; Zhang, D.; Jiang, Z.-Y.; Lu, X.-Q.; Zheng, X.; Yu, Y.-J.; Wang, Y.-G.; Dong, J.: Positive Association Between Betatrophin and Diabetic Retinopathy Risk in Type 2 Diabetes Patients
Maïmoun, L.; Guillaume, S.; Lefebvre, P.; Philibert, P.; Bertet, H.; Picot, M.-C.; Courtet, P.; Mariano-Goulart, D.; Renard, E.; Sultan, C.: Is Serum Serotonin Involved in the Bone Loss of Young Females with Anorexia Nervosa?

Note of Concern

Endocrine Research

Kamari, Y.; Fingrut, O.; Shaish, A.; Almog, T.; Kandel-Kfir, M.; Harats, D.; Rubinek, T.; Wolf, I.: The Effect of Klotho Treatment on Atherogenesis, Blood Pressure, and Metabolic Parameters in Experimental Rodent Models