DOI: 10.1055/s-00000012


Issue 07 · Volume 46 · July 2014 DOI: 10.1055/s-004-27287

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Original article

Chadwick, Georgina; Groene, Oliver; Hoare, Jonathan; Hardwick, Richard H.; Riley, Stuart; Crosby, Tom D.; Hanna, George B.; Cromwell, David A.: A population-based, retrospective, cohort study of esophageal cancer missed at endoscopy
Skinner, Matthew; Popa, Daniel; Neumann, Helmut; Wilcox, C. Mel; Mönkemüller, Klaus: ERCP with the overtube-assisted enteroscopy technique: a systematic review
Afghani, Elham; Akshintala, Venkata S.; Khashab, Mouen A.; Law, Joanna K.; Hutfless, Susan M.; Kim, Katherine J.; Lennon, Anne Marie; Kalloo, Anthony N.; Singh, Vikesh K.: 5-Fr vs. 3-Fr pancreatic stents for the prevention of post-ERCP pancreatitis in high-risk patients: a systematic review and network meta-analysis
Arvanitakis, Marianna; Rigaux, Johanne; Toussaint, Emmanuel; Eisendrath, Pierre; Bali, Maria Antonietta; Matos, Celso; Demetter, Pieter; Loi, Patrizia; Closset, Jean; Deviere, Jacques; Delhaye, Myriam: Endotherapy for paraduodenal pancreatitis: a large retrospective case series
Rahmi, Gabriel; Samaha, Elia; Vahedi, Kouroche; Delvaux, Michel; Gay, Gérard; Lamouliatte, Hervé; Filoche, Bernard; Saurin, Jean-Christophe; Ponchon, Thierry; Rhun, Marc Le; Coumaros, Dimitri; Bichard, Philippe; Manière, Thibault; Lenain, Emilie; Chatellier, Gilles; Cellier, Christophe: Long-term follow-up of patients undergoing capsule and double-balloon enteroscopy for identification and treatment of small-bowel vascular lesions: a prospective, multicenter study



Innovations and brief communications

Saxena, Payal; Simons, Brian W.; Gabrielson, Kathleen; Haito-Chavez, Yamile; Valeshabad, Ali Kord; Kumbhari, Vivek; Singh, Vikesh K.; Lennon, Anne Marie; Canto, Marcia Irene; Pasricha, Pankaj J; Kalloo, Anthony; Khashab, Mouen A.: A novel viscous dissecting gel for endoscopic submucosal dissection: a prospective survival study in a porcine model
Pasricha, Trisha; Smith, Byron F.; Mitchell, Victoria R.; Fang, Brian; Brooks, Erik R.; Gerding, Jason S.; Washington, Mary Kay; Valdastri, Pietro; Obstein, Keith L.: Controlled colonic insufflation by a remotely triggered capsule for improved mucosal visualization

Case report/series

Sulz, Michael C.; Frei, Remus; Meyenberger, Christa; Bauerfeind, Peter; Semadeni, Gian-Marco; Gubler, Christoph: Routine use of Hemospray for gastrointestinal bleeding: prospective two-center experience in Switzerland

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